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  1. Yeah I joined because of this PPP but it doesn't mean we have to abuse it every single time, and yet I don't even have a single satoshi's to enable my chat in PD
  2. I'm afraid of not doing anything even if I have the chance to do it that day. Pennywise the new version is a lot more pleasing to watch.
  3. I'd the base bet of 10k, however I don't have enough satoshi's to play. Nice strategy though.
  4. Excellent details, no need to post nonconstructive. if you read this guidelines.
  5. self-control about gambling, it is not right to spend a lot of money in a gambling. know yourself first before you gamble, check if you are physically, spiritually, psychologically fit. You need to be 100%lucky, 50%rich
  6. Such a good story everyone, I hope I can get to 1btc someday. cross fingers
  7. Yeah that is the recommended about the book I have read, I've already forgotten. The author of the book was Laura Lemay. w3school.com have a lot of insight to fully understand javascript. Thanks for making me remember.
  8. My first programming language was HTML 4.0 and I adjusted my habit with XHTML 1.0 I hope this new transitional program will be nice to me. I created a simple 'hello world' in Java first however the next tutorial was no help, it seems java and me is not interactive, unfortunately I can apply Java in XHTML in Javascript didn't understand it at the moment.
  9. Thank you for pointing out, I've read the rules before I ask this question and read it again it doesn't even have a slightest mention of 10k wagered to be able to chat
  10. Good day Primdice I have an account with Primedice with the same Username as I had, it just happen that I can't respond to a chat or chat something in the chat box, I'm not muted or anything it is newly created account. P.S Do I have to deposit some funds before the chat system activated? Regards, Cobalt9317
  11. Hi Good day everyone . I've created an account in Primedice, and happen to see this forum I didn't know that Primedice have their own forum and that being said I hope that I can get rolling in this #1 crypto-currency gambling site, and stay active in this Primedice forum at the same time. P.S Can you help me that? if so what is the recommended first thing to know in this forum, not to mention the ppp I've already read about that. Regards, Cobalt9317