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  1. I logged in via my mobile and it shows the near 0 balance with like 350 or 50 satoshi, its the same issue sorry. I just havent heard anything back from them and its not all my btc so just a bit worried so soz.
  2. Already talked about this on live chat and i got told they will check my acccount bets/wins etc, i literally had around 0.04-0.06 bitcoins or so, suddently my balance said "Loading..." instead of the balance (Still shows now, maybe a firefox bug/glitch on a cookie or cache idk.) Shows 0.00000035 balance on chrome. https://imgur.com/qyq8ZC5 You can also see from that picture ( These should be my last bets ) You can see that i won 3 last bets, didnt tip or withrdaw any money after that and now my balance is is 0.00000035 or something ( btc from rainbot or faucet ) even though i had 0.05~ on my balance -.- I hope this will get resolved asap.
  3. Just to answer to the title. If you have enough to lose 10 bitcoins then you would probably just be pissed off, get drunk or something or not even that. If 10 btc is all you had then thats another case. xd
  4. There probably has been threads about this or something, but why not add ethereum as an alternative crypto that you can play with at prime? Would probably bring more people as you can market that also supports ethereum and its safe & fast and low trans fees But i think there must be a reason why you dont add ethereum, there shouldnt need other crypto options as btc/ehtereum and maybe bitcoin cash. i think that would be a good update to the website.
  5. That's a pretty good return, i would hold on to it