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  1. Hello everyone, I'm LordoftJust, I joined PD a few months ago but just now I created an account at the forum. I'm Brazilian, 21 years old and I met bitcoin a few years ago, only started to invest on it in february. Since the faucets I met back there weren't too good (I didn't knew PD yet xD), I stopped and just came back in october when Btc started to grow again. And here I am. I wish you all a happy new year. Cya.
  2. Happy New Year everyone. I wish everyone luck and lots of satoshis.
  3. There is the interesting thing about the bots. They don't have emotions like we do.
  4. I lost 30k in a day because I didn't know back in the days the right time to stop.
  5. I believe faucets for emergent altcoins can worth in a long period of time. Try this: https://freedoge.co.in/, http://moondoge.co.in/