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    secondlife reacted to CrystalBlox in Would you rather   
    I would go for option 1, because I would cashout at least 80 and put 75 of that in cold storage if I had that much at once. Then gamble with 12 and tip 3 to the chatbot for future rains.

    That being said, if the existence and current state of PrimeDice could besomehow garantueed I would maybe go for option 2.

    What I mean by that is that there is no way to tell that there will still be a PrimeDice in let's say 10 or 15 years. Maybe it will be sold by then, have a different owner and be ruined by that new owner for example. Just look at what happened to Satoshidice of Erik Voorhees. Ever since he sold that, it has had multiple owners that all ruined the site and gameplay it once offered.

    Anything can happen in the coming years, so there's no way to say if that 0.1 per day would keep coming.