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  1. You and all of your accounts WILL be banned just as scammer @geheimdienst has been banned for scamming me.
  2. @Milan how come my updates I send you via PM are not being posted and his are? That doesn’t make sense..
  3. I don't know how. Can a admin please do that. Thank you! Also this has absolutely 0% to do with Athena. That user is a great person. I was just trying to show my valid claims. Once again, Athena is not responsible at all for the other user not paying me back even though they spoke in person.
  4. I loaned user geheimdienst .015(promised return of .03 which you showed me pictures of only letting bot run making my money at almost .02 and you said it would be .03 and thats when I asked for pay back but nothing from your end besides your sister or someone getting sick. I understand, truly I do. But this is my money so you need to understand as well) a few weeks ago with promise of double repayment back or more. I have never received anything more than .005 yet. Here is all the proof. He is ignoring me on the telegram address he gave me which at first he was responsive too and now he completely ignores me. I was reassured by user Athena several times as I trust that user so I gave it many more days of waiting because of that. I have warned him multiple times I was going to do this but did not want too and even let him know please repay me in. full so I do not have to do this, but he has been ignoring me and won't repay nor message me back. The photos are attached. Hopefully someone or support can do something about this. All photos are attached. If support needs more info please give me a email or PM on the forums. All I want back from this user is my money and the % of interest that was promised. At one point I just asked for the original amount of .15 to be sent back because I would settle for a regular repay back with no interest but its been many weeks since the loan as you can see in the PM's and pictures. I want the full 3 that was originally discussed along with. To user geheimdienst, I messaged you many times, you know this. You have not updated me with anything even after talking to Athena in person.. I would like my .03. I have told you I want the bitcoin back and you said no worries no need to start drama(that was a many many days ago). Please send me my money. You said you are not a beggar/scammer/thief so please pay me back what is owed + interest because you have been making me wait forEVER. Its been almost a month now since I first loaned you money among the other micro payments you asked for which I gave you.
  5. It should definitely be moved down especially with the new fee's being so low now...
  6. no problem good luck.. Also remember to switch it up sometimes.. like if I am rolling under at 1.5 and I hit 3 reds and they are low #'s I will go down to 1.1x an max it.. Yes its risky but it is gambling though and I have been pretty successful with it so far.. GL
  7. Play on manual 1.5x payout on 3 reds triple your bet roll over side.. Once you've made some good profit switch to auto at 4.2x payout nothing on loss at base bet of 17 for 1 minute to let PD get some off you or stop if you get 2 rolls under 18 on roll over. Then switch to manual an max it 1 time or do what. you feel is best. This strat has worked for me many many times.. Always double triple at 2-3 reds in a row. If you lose ALOT on 1 seed do not change it because it will even out eventually. If you keep winning on a seed it won't last forever.. good luck edit:its hard to win big off faucet.. you need minimum of what most people posted in here.. I've turned a .0001 tip into .01 before with my strats.
  8. Hey guys! just wanted to let everyone know I finally made a account linked to my PD bank on here... anyways... hi an good luck
  9. I agree.. the withdrawal fee is a bit high...
  10. well I've lost over 6-7k here :-\ but I have slowly made up gains but no where close to the .4-.5 I lost... good luck!
  11. I was wondering of basic HTML coding I could copy/paste with my referral.
  12. I run a website and I have my affiliate code. What is the code so I can put it up on my site?
  13. I hope I win, I have lost over 4k this week here :-( number 14
  14. 500 automated per day. 97% chance of winning. High bet, on loss 900% bet upwards. Only works good with at least .003. But, do not get greedy. I have started with .005 before and got to .03 then busted. Back in the day I played with .09 Btc got too .7btc then busted(2015)
  15. What he said.. But I think more you lose more you get from faucet.. I have lost a good bit :-\ but I have verified everything. I get 300 satoshi to play with but gets me nowhere. You have to put in a deposit to actually win, just don't get greedy or you'll lose it all.. I would know