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  1. but are currently in the positive zone. i know why i am asking, i know what to do to be in green zone for years, i will say soon
  2. I just want to ask, how many years have been running a positive account and how have you done this?
  3. i am talking about 1.10 payout 90%
  4. what is the longest wins or loss have you had on 1.10X payout, have you seen four before????
  5. I just want to ask..Are dice numbers manipulated??? why is it that the numbers just going against, are there fairness in this game from there side?
  6. Hi everyone, in all your trades with PD, what is the longest losing streak have you ever had with 2.0 Payout (50.49) but for me, i had a 14 losing losing streak but the 15th got hit to a winner, how many have you seen so far?
  7. What is the minimum deposit on Primedice, where can i view it?
  8. i am 100% sure that btc will be over 1 million dollar in less than 5 years, amazon, big banks, nations, are alll talking about this beast called btc, that is why gold and yen are static. old generation are into stocks, gold, oil cryptocurrencies are for the new generations let us buy, follow john mcafee on twitter and hear more on cryptocurrencies
  9. I am new here on primedice gambling. if i trade the 10 satoshis into 1,000,000 satoshis, will i be able to withdraw it as real money?