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  1. still very important question!
  2. yes, i worse strike was like 40 something reds. and the fact is that i lost already everything, did a new deposit, another 0.04 lost i remember and after that i did 0 bets and still got 6 more reds on 2x. so the streak is possible now it is all up to how the seed is at that time..
  3. I never do these types of chasing. I don't see the point of useless bets which are worth nothing. Usually i start to gamble right away and also most of the time I never hunt the 3000x . I think its just a waste of time and energy. The best i chase is from time to time 50x but thats the biggest one i had so far
  4. 50 btc in one day? hmm i think now i guess i had even more but for sure it is about a long time ago. gambling can be fund but also distructive. be sure you learn how to stop in any critique moment before yoloing. I do that lately a lot and I am really upset about it. I should control myself much more but i dont . now with this quarantine being so bored at home this is what happens...gamble without any limits
  5. Nothing just myself focusing on the game, even if it is only about chance, there is nothing that can distract me. I even hate when there are people arround, and this is only about online gambling. At casinos i stay and count the hands or move to one place to another trying to catch small wins until i chose a slot and go yolo. on pd i dont think i can have something like being calm..when you get 30 reds on x2 there is nothing about calmity that can help you out
  6. Well controlling your funds is all about anger manangement. Personally while gambling with adrenaline on, I don't have anything close to that so I don't know exactly how to prevent myself from going yolo
  7. I don't know. Just gamble as usual and as the score increases you get the wagger. Play as often and possible and you can reach the goal you have. Reaching at least bronze is easy and it takes less than a few hours if you have an acceptable bankroll
  8. stake has way more waggered. recently i moved and now i am playing only there. and somehow it's normal, it has popular and unique games, it's probably fair and the offers are somehow better. indeed in general if you look at top 100, with 0.05 btc you can be in pd race, but on stake you need at least 1.2, 1.3 btc. Only twice i got in the 10k race so I know how hard it is. Even the mega race after the weekly giveaway is something worth using
  9. lol there is no such as left or right when the odds are the same. It's probably fair system, it's up to the chance/luck/nonce in the seed. but anyway i preffer to play over all the time, looking only for big numbers what thing interesting is that i dont usually change between sides. when i change it, i change it for good and thats all i can do, waiting for more hits on that side that it couldve been on the other, but each time i changed to under, i lost lol
  10. Try to be friendly with the support, give them the information they ask. They can ask for location or a proof that you deposited to your account. did you had any balance? if yes thats sadly. I lost my 2fa more than 4-5 times since now on stake and pd and each time the team helped me out with it. So don't make a case out of nothing. The team is here for you and for sure they will look into how to solve the problem.
  11. Cmon, it's an useless game, basically you are betting that left or right are winning or if there is a tie. House edge is quite good, it's okish if you are after x2 bets but the same can be on dice aswell. I tried a few times on stake, tbh i was on profit like 10 mbtc but i never got more than that. it's not interesting and it has no action into it
  12. The biggest ammount I waggered was 4 btc here and on another account 60 or 70 but thats 4-5 years ago. Anyway I still need to learn how to actually wagger, usually I wagger just twice my balance
  13. On PD i am on loss, but not as much as you might believe, just arround 1-2k$ . But thinking that I play for 5 years and I am a gambler thats not so much..I will tell you if it's worth it after I reach gold; that will be the real challange with the reload bonus that is quite high as i heard
  14. Well, so basically most of the users can do 20 posts a day and hero, after spamming for month can do 30. But what's maximum ammount? What's the default ammount. That could be very helpful, i get usually arround 1k sats/post
  15. What strat have you used? More details maybe? We might try it ..
  16. Wait, you're speaking about stake here? Or Primedice, cause as I see your about stake..
  17. I don't think I ever cashed out from online gambling over 1k$. And that's strange, I won so many times at real life casinos with that ammount but never, never on internet. It's good that you actually did something with those money, but what about if you invested them? Was a really need to get a phone?
  18. Don't worry you have enough time. After you reach 20-50 posts, you'll be also able to earn some satoshis to play arround and do some money. Cheers
  19. it's not playing smarter, it's play smart, keep your money close and busting further. well, the point is you have to play quite and with your brain, don't go yolo against chance, stay chill, reset your bet start recovering, or stay chill, be happy with your winning, start slower again
  20. just gamble as usual and you'll get there. i am still new to the vip system but its nice, for start doesnt offer so many stuffs, but think about diamond. you can have eddie meeting you and selling to you HI how r ya.
  21. I would like to rectify a thing, it's not the biggest jackpot in the crypto world. But anyway it's big dudes it is. But it is so hard to hit and they ask for a minimum of 0.01 btc/bet and thats huge already. Speaking that there is a probability of hitting same numbers in a seed at least 10k*10 which is 1000000000 to 1. So the jackpot is there just for the fact of being there, i don't think it will be ever won by anyone
  22. definetly xlm. trx was a good idea, but xlm is faster better and was given away to users for free! I am definetly in the favour of xlm. stellar is a good choice and maybe an alternative to payments in the futuere!
  23. I guess once I was scammed like this. I really believed a group that i was watching a lot like 2-3 years ago on cryptopia. And i went once with half a coin, and busted, took only 10% out of my investment. Trade at your own risk! Don't put ur faith in others!
  24. Congrats and my respects, sometimes taking out is more difficult than losing. Last days I was really lucky from faucet money's all the time I made the waggering ammount needed to withdraw. From 2.5k sats i made 700k btc. From 20k eth I made 0.3 eth. From 5k bch, I made 0.2 bch and so on. I had a lot of luck lately and it's amazing when you can actually make money from dust.
  25. It doesn't help anymore. There was a time when it was the faucet i was asking on chat mods to mute me because the faucet was giving me appetite for gambling but not anymore. Now even if you're muted you can deposit and gamble and it's quite easy to wagger 100$. I don't know. PD has changed a lot, the best is if you don't have any alt like as example and play only on one account to ask to be banned for a while. But i think pd should add this option to make gambling more aware of the risks and players to take the responsabilities of stopping to gamble