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  1. It's not exactly a dice game and i guess you know that right? But eh, I play it only here
  2. Hehe, i bet eddie is happy. Holly mother cow..27 btc in a bet... Well...life sucks
  3. Really now, don't take my word but it is not the right coin to invest, they gathered like 4-5 billons dollars in ico for nothing, they promised the sky and delivered dirt
  4. Coinmarketcap vs coingecko!? Which one you preffer? By default usually i go straight to coinmarketcap but i have to say that coingecko is more and more stable and does updates more often. Also they can see when a coin is dead faster and also have the community review inside their system
  5. Right now yeah, i really wanna be at least bronze i am just a few percents away. Somehow I can't wait to see how the rake back will work
  6. Yes, i totally agree with you. Each time i try a new gambling website, if the chat looks dead or full of bots i just don't use it.
  7. The forum is fine, a forum shouldn't be too fancy as it is just a forum. But the site can be improved a bit
  8. I have to be specific. Each time I played it. Every bloody time I was on profit and I won. When I can't do the focus anymore and I go yolo, I am losing. Point is that you have to decrease after each win and follow the pattern of hitting again. Always decrease after each hit as 40-50 reds on 6x is basic. You will win a lot if the bets go high instead of starting bet.
  9. Ye, but it looks like a lovely suggestion. I mean, me cming to the forum, being bored adding a stupid status like: I love Shakira, and all of you comment on my activity post how stupid i am.
  10. Thank you seuntjie. Thank you a lot! The project you're working and constantly developing. I am using seuntjie for a long time and works fantastic! I have tipped all the time at least 1% of my profits!
  11. SHAME SHAME SHAME on me. I use blockchain.com; and that's lame. I don't control my private keys, I can't sign a message.... I used to use jaxx but they changed the legacy mode and destroyed everything I like about it. Sometimes i still use electrum or mycellium
  12. Doge coin is a shit coin.... ETH is huge just because of their scale-possibilities
  13. Hold on, even on pd should be a rule with 18+. TBH i tried to register to do get this small giveaway but i didnt get it lol
  14. For sure thats only what you believe, the game is hashed. But the point is that it destroys your playing mood.
  15. Who says it is a crime? But being private, makes you private out of the public events... Again easy logic