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  1. So by your text I should understand that eddie can be satan or god? we know that satan is bad but why god has to be good?
  2. Is PD an evil virus of Satan or the gift of God? Good question Iulian. Now let's answer to it. I guess it's both, depends if it is green or red haha.
  3. Can be 50-60 reds easily! So you have be there with some bankroll. Actually a big part of this strategy is to have a big bankroll
  4. lol, it was more like a maybe. not as definitive fact lol
  5. haha, sometimes, maybe yes. mostly i notice it on x2. when i do an amazing change of sides and there are 2-3 greens in a row, change again and win. Thats the moment when i feel like feeling the dice its an easy peasy
  6. Where is no perfect bankroll. It's more about the purpose or your aim mate. For example is pointless if you have 10 btc and your objective is 10%. Obviously having 10 btc you won't go all in with 10 btc with 1.1x betting; or you wil?! I guess it's more about everyone's strategy or each individual.
  7. Can you show us some history of bets? What are you using? Dice bot? Anyway take care, in any moment you can get like 30-40 reds on 2x and you will be amazed how fast you're going to bust.
  8. OFC. thats why we are here man. Each time we make a deposit it is an investment in our gambling strategy or better said in our luck. It is not a smart investment, but we are gamblers, it's our addiction.
  9. I said already, you don't gamble against PD, or as any other online slot machine whatever. You are doing online bets based on the hash maths which can't be hacked yet or manipulated by anyone. That's why it is called the most fairest casino gambling website. You will notice different patterns to other dice website just because they use a different way of calculating your bet.
  10. Haha, years of gambling over me, thousands of euros invested, so much money lost as matter of fact and when i get and think over the years i am thinking was any of it worth it? maybe yes and maybe no, but most probably i will continue to gamble and i will continue to lose. unfortunately this won't end any time soon. i said already a few posts ago some stories of myself. i don't want to go any more further explaining and remembering the loses, i want to remember only profits from now as it is the new years eve.
  11. Well, I am here. I wish everyone in PD or those who gamble here: Happy new year, play with your mind and don't be greedy! Enjoy the profits and forget the losses. Don't gamble what you can't afford to lose. Happy new year and all the best from me !
  12. Well, as I said i just heard, i never had more than 650. But it's about hash calculating rate so it should be possible even more. anyway for sure and i think we are all agree, 35% of win chance it is not worth it to play on long term.
  13. Well I guess it is well better to travel alone as you can do all the time what you want and just ignore the others. You can decide what to see and what to do. Sometimes it is a bit dangerous but where is the life without a bit of adrenaline?
  14. Well, it works to a certain point, the moment when you play against the seed and he just goes to record after record with the reds... like i heard 1k reds on 100x ..that sounds impossible to me
  15. so what's the result with 99x as I am also into it a lot, i noticed that very rarely you can get 700 reds but you can get those. i find interested with small bet and increase of 3% after each bet