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  1. P.m. me your username on the website to make sure. and I'll tip u 50 K
  2. I want to travel back to the day that's a Toshi Nakamoto create a bit coins and be one of the first investors I was already one of the first investors by 2013 but I wish that I was there earlier. It's mind blowing all of us to this day it's up to thousand $300 USD
  3. Best of luck with the stream I'm looking as well
  4. Catosa

    Just won the jackpot!!

    OK seriously made me laugh my head off.I know how fucking impossible it's going to be to hit the jackpot nobody's gonna be able to do that for quite some time i think
  5. Welcome to the forums I hope you have a great day and enjoy your time here
  6. Catosa

    Favorite Drinks?

    Mine is for sure a cold Mojito
  7. I've been here since PD1 so long time member
  8. Thanks for that my love <3 :-*
  9. Catosa

    Hi Im jamyr!!

    Welcome Jamyr! Hope you will enjoy PD and the PD Family
  10. I am Catosa . I am an Internet Entrepreneur and proud business owner. I am a high roller and long time user in the gambling community at primedice.com. I also respectfully participate in chat and helping users alike with tech questions and concerns. I have social relations with the best of moderators. I'm known greatest by being most fair, trusting, honest, loved by most and always hold great spirit and always full of positive energy! Yours Truly, Catosa
  11. Hi Edward, I would recommend a Achievement that after having 77.77 to times in a row you would Achive 10k faucet