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  1. who knows, maybe a new coin will come up since then!
  2. I programmed a calculator which converts different system of units to SI units in C++. It was my second semester project in university of physics.
  3. Katarina i find your wish really romantic . My desire for this christmass is more mental than materialistic. I would love to spend a beautiful time with the people I love and care so I have nice memories with them, which will make my days more pleasant and beautiful when I think about them...............and ofc one new-super-transformer kind car, one new-big-smart house, one boat to go swimming in winters, unlimited plane tickets to anywhere i want to go etc.
  4. I am practicing on harakiri kind of method. Whenever i feel greedy i hit my right hand with my left hand, since i use my right hand to play
  5. Yesterday i made some research about how can i gather infos about bitcoin without needing going from one place to other. I started with some greek forums cause of origins and ended up with bitcointalk. As i understood, in most of the greek forums people incourage new people to visit bitcointalk.
  6. Edward, although i am new in bitcoin community i can say fees are stupid now. This issue have to be settled for the "KingCoin". Alts coins imo are a one legit way to balance things cause you have more options on how control the fees. Now there are no options. Just the fee you have to pay.
  7. Have you used Monero ? And if yes, do you had any troubles with it? I am asking cause i was checking it lately.
  8. Best moments of my life are when i feel truly free to express my feelings without doubting about them and have the awareness that i am honest with myself and the people i love and care.
  9. Stop flirting with the rolling bottom and be the man who looks at greediness eyes and says.....you know what to say
  10. 1st : During good food you putting her on the table and showing her the universe 2nd : Once you finish the good food you putting her on the chair for round two! 3rd : You take a nap and after that you bring her on bed for the final round of the day.
  11. Salyut you all from the mountains!