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  1. Yeah i know, i guess there were around 250 hits already since the beginning of PD, and probably no one realized it so far, otherwise we would have seen people crying about it, like me
  2. I just checked my bots, and i realized that i hit 77.77 twice in a row on one of them. Unfortunately they were zero bets and they are archived, so i can't link them here, but still kinda makes me mad though it was expected that i hit it sooner or later, but damn my luck that i was betting zero bets that time Bets were: 23796544656 and 23796544696
  3. If we stick to the description then it should be BTC.
  4. Rolling the same number twice in a row could happen once every 10k rolls (random roll 1 then you have 10k possibilities again, so 1*10k), but rolling the exact number(77.77) twice in a row could happen once every 100 million (10k*10k) , statistically of course. This doesn't mean you will definitely hit it in 100 million rolls. It could mean you hit it in 1k rolls or even 500 million rolls. Random is a "great" thing It is like the payouts. 2x payout you could hit every second bet, but sometimes you don't hit it for 20-30 rolls, sometimes you hit it 20 times in a row... Luck is needed definitely, huge luck.
  5. Bet: 22,837,248,500 placed by Zoltan on 25/06/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1100.00x Profit 0.00109900
  6. Zoltan

    API does not work

    API has been changed, they use now graphql. I heard they are working on it to make old API available too, but there is no estimate for it.
  7. Zoltan

    Teslamining with 200 GH/s for free !

    This is a ponzi site of course. Maybe it will pay in the first couple days but it can also be that they won't pay at all. It will all depend on how many user will fall for it. As it is day one, you can get lucky, but i wouldn't invest anything that will make you cry if you dont get it back. Also their contact address is a Royal School in England They should have prepared their scam better....
  8. Zoltan

    Longest lose streak in 2x payout

    It depends, but i won't disclose details
  9. Zoltan

    Longest lose streak in 2x payout

    It is all automatic, i don't wait to get up to HR, i am just glad if i don't appear there, because that means i am not risking much
  10. Zoltan

    Longest lose streak in 2x payout

    it was 31 reds
  11. Me too, it is a "Legendary" account And i dont want to use bct from an alt account... We will see...
  12. yep, when bitcointalk got hacked i forgot to change my password Someone changed the e-mail address to it, so i blocked the account so no one can use it. I contacted Cyrus and theymos, but no reply since november. I heard it take months to get a reply, so i just wait
  13. I am waiting for a reply on bitcointalk since 2017 november, be patient i guess...
  14. Zoltan

    30 day fittness challenge

    Good luck! I already restarted the hard plan 2, TWICE Some would think it gets easier, but it doesn't
  15. Today my profit should reach 0,50207360 to hold onto the 20% daily, raise, but i think we can exclude the last 2 days, so 0,50144000 should be enough. I had a lucky bet so i reached: 0.50183500 Next day is also covered with this. From now on i will just share the balance for this challenge: Balance: Day | Balance (actual/planned) | Strategy 2018.03.05 | 0.00000000/0.00000000 BTC | Start 2018.03.06 | 0.00120000/0.00120000 BTC | 1,1x payout random bets, after finding 3 losses in a row started betting with 10k base, and on a loss went all-in 2018.03.07: N/A BTC 2018.03.08 | 0.00183500/0.00144000 BTC | 50x payout lucky hit with 1270 satoshi in 2 rolls (right now i am using faucet as for low amounts i could get some gains from it too, and won't be able to use it anyway later, when big profit is needed ) 2018.03.09 | 0.00247000/0.00172800 BTC | 50x payout lucky hit with 1270 satoshi from faucet 2018.03.10 | 0.00272400/0.00207360 BTC | 10x payout hits with 1270 satoshi from faucet 2018.03.11 | 0.00272400/0.00248832 BTC | no change, had no time to play 2018.03.12 | 0.00309400/0.00298598 BTC | 10x payout hits with 1270 satoshi from faucet| 2018.03.13 | 0.00358394/0.00358318 BTC | 10x payout hits with 1270 satoshi from faucet also some 1.1x| getting harder to reach goal... 2018.03.14 | 0.00422094/0.00429982 BTC | 50x payout lucky hit with 1270 satoshi from faucet 2018.03.15 | no play was busy with national holiday| 2018.03.16 | bust | 2018.03.17 || 2018.03.18 || 2018.03.19 || 2018.03.20 || 2018.03.21 || 2018.03.22 || 2018.03.23 || 2018.03.24 || 2018.03.25 || 2018.03.26 || 2018.03.27 || 2018.03.28 || 2018.03.29 || 2018.03.30 || 2018.03.31 || 2018.04.01 || 2018.04.02 || 2018.04.03 || 2018.04.04 || 2018.04.05 || 2018.04.06 || 2018.04.07|| 2018.04.08 || 2018.04.09 || 2018.04.10 || 2018.04.11 || 2018.04.12 ||