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  1. Stake definately is not the reason... +1 one for that one
  2. Adding more games and it just wouldn't be PD anymore... please don't fix what's not broken
  3. ttrtrades gongrats!! If you forgot to take pics, just photoshop the faces and you are golden!
  4. I live within walking distance of 2 btc ATMs. I use them both on a semi regular basis. The fees might be a tad high, but the whole process of turning a note from your wallet to btc is so fast and easy that i like to use them.
  5. Will you post a picture with your new iPhone21s when you get there? just kidding obviously... gl
  6. The rain that you are collecting is actually money that has been lost by other players. In order for someone to collect, someone else need to provide...think about that Absolutely nothing wrong with referring new players though. In the business point of view, would make more sense to reward those that are paying the fun by playing, but i like the chat in some weird way... that's what got me to stay here in the first place... please stop the spam campaigns are worthless imo ... just pull out the mighty ban hammer and start the cleaning or fine tune the rainbot.
  7. By removing the human element by introducing the rainbot PD kind of opened that door themself. Easy fix : change the algo to give more weight on the wagering...
  8. Now that rolling is smooth again, everything is ok. All the other improvements, or extra features, are nice naturally. But in the end the rolling is what we are here for and is all that really matters.
  9. Bet: 23,859,145,852 placed by ttrtrades on 01/09/2018 Wagered 0.00020080 Multiplier 3.00x Profit 0.00040160 Bet: 23,857,146,773 placed by ttrtrades on 01/09/2018 Wagered 0.00000132 Multiplier 2.83x Profit 0.00000241 Bet: 23,858,132,263 placed by ttrtrades on 01/09/2018 Wagered 0.00000653 Multiplier 2.83x Profit 0.00001194
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gambler's_fallacy pretty much nothing more to be said on the subject
  11. Not trying to be an asshole here but you know what 3000 satoshis is worth? $0,20 or €0,17, that's about the same reward that you get for picking up an empty beer bottle from the street. Have i noticed this one in time, would have done it for you free. Just because i'm a nice guy
  12. not on the list but followed twitch : ttrXXX PD : ttrtrades
  13. Someone also sold over 90 million dollar worth of btc that plunged the price even further.
  14. Btc seems to trading on range atm, but just like in any markets no phase will last forever. Still think that we are waiting for more selling and once the bottom has been tested somewhere around 4-5k the tide will turn and up we'll go. Definetly a good time to buy more imo.
  15. I'm not actually looking a job myself Have used one micro job to hire a writer once, think it was fiverr.com or similar. The text i got was well worth that 5 bucks, it has netted me somewhere around $1000 in the long run, so not a bad investment. will check that one out, thx
  16. i was going for more 'real job' like thing. Like logo design, translation, writing etc...
  17. As btc faucets are useless ( just my opinion though ) have anyone tried completing micro jobs instead to earn some extra bitcoins? How did that work and where did you find the jobs?
  18. you would make more money by walking on streets trying to find lost coins or collecting soda cans. just dust, nothing but dust.