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  1. ttrtrades

    BankBank / Sickhouse GIVEAWAY OVER!

    not on the list but followed twitch : ttrXXX PD : ttrtrades
  2. ttrtrades

    The letter game

    ^^ Utopia ^^
  3. ttrtrades

    The letter game

  4. ttrtrades

    BTC Plunge - What Caused This? 🤔

    Someone also sold over 90 million dollar worth of btc that plunged the price even further.
  5. ttrtrades

    The letter game

  6. ttrtrades

    BankBank / Sickhouse GIVEAWAY OVER!

    twitch : ttrXXX PD : ttrtrades
  7. ttrtrades

    The letter game

  8. ttrtrades

    Crypto Markets Plummet in a Blink

    Btc seems to trading on range atm, but just like in any markets no phase will last forever. Still think that we are waiting for more selling and once the bottom has been tested somewhere around 4-5k the tide will turn and up we'll go. Definetly a good time to buy more imo.
  9. ttrtrades

    Have you done micro jobs to earn btc?

    I'm not actually looking a job myself Have used one micro job to hire a writer once, think it was fiverr.com or similar. The text i got was well worth that 5 bucks, it has netted me somewhere around $1000 in the long run, so not a bad investment. will check that one out, thx
  10. ttrtrades

    Have you done micro jobs to earn btc?

    i was going for more 'real job' like thing. Like logo design, translation, writing etc...
  11. As btc faucets are useless ( just my opinion though ) have anyone tried completing micro jobs instead to earn some extra bitcoins? How did that work and where did you find the jobs?
  12. ttrtrades

    Do you use bitcoin faucets still ?

    you would make more money by walking on streets trying to find lost coins or collecting soda cans. just dust, nothing but dust.
  13. ttrtrades

    Keeping your head cool?

    Well when the times are tough one needs a solution. All the fans have been sold out here for quite some time now. They get a new batch in some store and it's immediatly gone People are selling used fans on more money than what they have paid for here ffs
  14. ttrtrades

    Keeping your head cool?

    used computer fan, powersupply from the same old pc, box with 2 holes, frozen bottles of water inside box, fan on one of the holes -> cool air
  15. ttrtrades

    Bitcoin ATMs - you got some?

    No id verifications needed. You can both buy or sell. I don't use them actively, more like occasionally.