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  1. I remember , Every time I played primedice my hearth was pumping like crazy , especially in the moments when I rised bet to max
  2. Who won the Most bitcoin other than Cheater huffle ? Username : JobaCh
  3. Username : Jobach Happy Birthday Primedice
  4. I've missed that chance , haven't bought 10000 bitcoins
  5. mine was Coinbase + xapo , but i've lost xapo wallet
  6. If u have like 1 Btc on balance u can easily make daily money just by safe gambling , adding small ammounts like 0.0001 thats small amount for americans and europeans but imagine third world countries where average sallary is just under 1$ then 10k satoshi per hour is decent amount which can be won easily if u got 1 btc on balance so technically yes there are people who relly on gambling . Be aware of greed , i have friend who has a daily goal if he mets he leaves . He has 200$ on casino balance and makes 30$ daily , he wins because he has a goal which is main reason why he doesn’t loose , when u don’t have a goal and just want get rich quick ,there comes greed and greed makes you lose everything u have, because u will chase your loses until bankroll shows 0 .
  7. I’ve lost 0.30 my last money in august 2016 , was hopeless but somehow went to 0.36 with faucet In about 1 hour . I was shocked
  8. Min Withdrawal is to prevent Faucet Farmers
  9. Its alot better than most people here thats actually rather nice already. How,long did it take to get that commission? in 3 month maybe , 0.0115 is still good amount for me , 2 referals are making their job properly
  10. Tell us then lol From faucet to 0.04 is decent MY strategy is playing on x11 after it hits 80 + or 19-
  11. Hello Everyone , has anyone tried to promote bitcoin in hes/her own country ? If not and if you already know that bitcoin is fairly unpopular or people know nothing about bitcoin in your country , it's a good idea to come up first and give them information , there are tons of benefits just from being first to give them valuable information believe me .
  12. I participated in a few giveaways, twice for 5k credits and someone gave me 1000 credits aswell. So if you want to participate too, i suggest you become a regular on the forum and get acquainted with everything Cheers bro. thanks for answering kristoff , now i know if 1 Credit is 0.00001 BTC than u have 0.11 BTC already right ?