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  1. What? If you are guessing the anime at the beginning then I think it's Tokyo Ghoul.
  2. I am currently listening to Scarlxrd
  3. I have a luck of 100% with 100k bets, 1.64BTC profit and 42.5 BTC wager.
  4. I did not want to quote your whole post, but what I'd suggest is making like a blog type of post where you'd update it with actual proof of the 5.5x strat, Where you let's say run it for 24 hours and update every few hours. I'm thinking of doing that myself sometime soon.
  5. Awesome. One of those rarerly found high quality posts. Going to try out that 5.5 strat.
  6. Low quality thread dude. I assume balance needed for this is 0.01BTC I bet how much on x3? 0sats? After I lose 6 times what then? I bet 1k sats? What if I lose again?
  7. Kudayoru


    Hui He's profits are legendary aswell. -33BTC
  8. Decided to vote for bojana, because I've seen him online the most and he's pretty active.
  9. You do 15* the multiplier for reds? I normally do 10* on everything 21x and lower. True, usually i have also do 10x from multiplier to predict how long streak loses. 15x is too insane i think. Anyway, this strategy also depends from your luck, if you lucky your balance will be doubled or at least increased 50%, but if you not lucky, you'll busted. Uhm... That's how gambling works lmao.
  10. I think that I could try going for 10 greens in row from faucet. But yeah. He got really lucky.
  11. 1. Roulette - 6 2. Plinko - Don't know 3. Blackjack - 10 4. Bustabit - 1 (Lost like 500$ there ) 5. Baccarat - 6 6. Dice - 10 7. Wheel - 3 8. Minesweeper - 2 (Stupid satoshimine ) 9. Hi/Lo - 8
  12. I am born on 9th of July.