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  1. Thanks It depends on various scene elements , if you use materials with a lot of options and maps , it gonna render very long time, but if you just put stock material with reflections adjustment it will take a few minutes. 1,3 and 4th renders took less than 10 minutes to render, but that second took about 20-30min because of 2 highpoly cars, a lot of textures and else... Thanks! It took me a long time to master modelling , but still newbie at rendering BTW for rounded and smooth face you just needed to use some modifiers which could avoid those pointy edges Do we have more people here who modelling too? Don't be so shy , you're welcome here to show your tests or even projects!
  2. Marriage > Single , in single life you can slowly get in depression, because you will see your friends getting in marriage, and you can even be alone ,that's why i think marriage is better than single life
  3. In my opinion i think it will be main currency of the world and it will be worth a lot of old $$$
  4. GTA 3/Vice City, Playerunknown Battlegrounds and of course CS:GO
  5. SinkreZ

    Love vs. Money?

    Of course love, but if you have money then you can get also love ,but it will be different and more fake, like gold diggers, than true love.
  6. 2 years ago i was betting on other site, but it closed ,so i started searching for new one ,and i found Primedice. First things that i liked - a lot of giveaways on facebook and faucet, that was much bigger than now.
  7. Well, i started modelling somewhere in 2012, my friend helped me a lot with my first car wheel , and after finishing it ,I started working on my first car Audi 100 C3 It needs a lot of patience and time to master this.
  8. Hi guys ,do we got 3d designers here? I'm also one of them, working with 3ds Max 2015 and using V-Ray (just playing with it ,need more work to understand it fully). Mostly designing older cars ,last week i tried to do some furniture. Some of my works:
  9. At the moment is almost 19k $ ,so i think maybe it reach 20-21k $ per 1 Bitcoin
  10. I don't see any problems of using same avatar in many websites. Sometimes I even change them in new one.
  11. At the moment - nothing ,because i'm new one in this website ,but not new at betting site ,and i think i will be making a lot of satoshi