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  1. How can I get Satosgi from post o forum ? Can youu help me
  2. Username:kaw92, please don't forget about me Happy B-day Primedice!
  3. kaw92

    Mom i made it.

    Haha grats! Of course you must give one satoshi back to Primedice.
  4. Only MC...burger in Burger King not taste me
  5. Anyone received satoshi to this moment ?
  6. i recommend new film "Bright" with will smith, but if you think about TV series you must to watch Black Sails.It is serial about pirates. There is a trailer! Its the best serial which I saw i last 2 years ! Who agree with me ?
  7. I would like to get for Christmas a Time Machine. I could go through time -it could be perfect I think
  8. The best ones ! Just like whole album:)
  9. Unfortunately I registered a few days ago and I noob now. My posts are counting to the PPP even if I not Member" ?
  10. Username : kaw92 Thanks Edward and Merry Christmas!