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  1. We all know pd is the best for now, only if we wanna shy away from the truth.. Up PD
  2. Awww really? Is it that bad or it doesn't just work for you?
  3. Lol.. She will even smack me if she knows I do this, not to talk of addiction... She can't know I will advise you not to try to recover your loss, just hope to win is the best... When someone try to recover it makes one make some greedy mistakes I think...
  4. That would be great, I hope I hit it with 100k.
  5. She will never.. She will get really mad if she finds out... I can't try to make her gamble
  6. But that doesn't changes what is to come, if you will lose you will and if you will win you will.... That is my believe
  7. Yeah it is being selfish but some people don't care and I was just saying, let see if he decides to give us.... So we will have a great moment too
  8. I don't agree with that, if winning depends on experience then we should all be giving our money to those with experience to play for us.. Since they will win cause they have experience
  9. That is actually 90 percent reason I love it, I can hide from my girlfriend that doesn't want me to gamble ... Lol
  10. May be he wants to keep it a secret from us... Some do that
  11. Yes I agree with you mate, bitcoin gambling is better and for me I love it cause it online and no one as to know who I really am if I don't want to unlike other gambling and it been over a year for me now
  12. I'm just saying the faucet is almost nothing..
  13. You should quote who ever you are referring to and don't just say done... You might get penalised cause it against forum rule..
  14. Thank you mate, I will put it in a post but it gonna take me sometime.. It will take time to make a good constructive post .. But I will eventually
  15. You shouldn't give yourself stress on this recaptcha cause it is now totally useless