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  1. Well, it's due to lack of exposure to the things on the internet. The leaders are mainly analog users and won't step down for digital leaders to come on board and run things how it should be properly runner!
  2. Raising bet amount is usually inevitable. But raising it and entering a trap is bad. So I advise never raise a bet when you have a long stream of green positive bets. But mainly when reds are in but remember never to chase loss.
  3. You guys should get the opera app on your mobile. It works better and smooth! You can see the captcha well and stores don't disappear lo
  4. Let me suggest for you.. Set your siblings up to enlightened the heavy duty on you when they are well established!
  5. I think it's common with major popular browsers. But it works fine for me in opera browser. Not the mini opera the other one. You should try it out. It works better
  6. Hope and intention of having a good run for that day or doubling on what you have or trying to meet a target and live well...
  7. Good food of course. It's later on that sex will come. Moreover you need strength and energy. So take care of your body and not sex life hahaha. That's what I think.
  8. If I win 100btc? I will be sincere I won't know what to do with it. Until I win it and that's when thought will come into my mind and do something about it. It's when you get to the river you will know how to cross it.
  9. In 2 days should make sense or close to 3 days. That will be more better. But congratulations!
  10. Yes. It's better when you use same username everywhere you play so as to enable your friend or contact from other site identify you easily!
  11. I hate that feeling of getting glued to the system when you can't find d strength of going to bed lol
  12. Nope! That's if you are able to bank at every hit up to 100 times..then that's when you have 200k profit.
  13. The best strategy with such low amount of faucet is set a high payout and take a one week all-in style of minimum payout of 200x at least after getting a hit you can move on from what's left of the profits! It works fine for me..
  14. I think yes! But some it's hard to convince them to buy it. Have personally tried that. And despite the sharp increase in the price of btc they find it difficult to buy and make money. And I already lost interest in convincing or winning them over to earn lots... I started from 300$ till it was 1000$ but then I stopped worrying.
  15. I think there are some hidden investors intentionally controlling the crypto market. And they are more interested in the 1-1 fork than increasing the price of the coin. It will reach a high peak certainly, but it's not after a lot of forks had taken place!
  16. Changing of seed is certainly very important if a specific seed is giving excessive reds.... Like playing 20x and your getting close to 120 reds... That's certainly a wrong seed.. Better refresh it.
  17. Retirement at age 40 is not feasible enough! But if your an early investor in Bitcoin when it first came out.. You can surely retire or slap your boss at age 23 and start running your own business by now... Cos you will probably be a billionaire in your country of residence or origin! I think I have an idea why they usually take them to home care clinics.. It's cool they revert back to early days and act like babies.. I think it's a normal phenomenal.
  18. In that case you guys have to make sure you don't lose... Cos for you to wager that much it means your a bigwhale and won't be needing the faucet as well..
  19. Hahaha this is the craziest thing have read on here.. But you are still not able to make anything with it lol
  20. Ngoma


    I don't know much about Marijuana, but to some celebrities and artists they believe taking it as an inspiration of some sort. And inspiration comes. But I don't think it's from another planet. Maybe they can find something else ther.
  21. Give me green tea as hot as it can be... With liquid milk and extra sugar and both combination are good to go down for the day!
  22. How can I get white listed for hunger games?
  23. It literally means, it's a pay as you go or pay and roll thing. It's not really bad, the faucet was just to test run the site if it's worth putting your money.
  24. Am not addicted to Primedice that much! But it's fun to watch the chat squabbling lol. It likely has the best chat in all the gaming community! But not sure much about the attitude of their mods, and but their supports works efficiently!
  25. It means no one would win it! But they can try and reduce the minimum base bet as well. So as to accommodate more hunters for such bounty jackpot.