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  1. Its what I would literally do! But it's way too expensive and way to high for me to reach at this current level but am hustling legally as much as I can to earn at least half a coin before the end of the year!
  2. What about the odds of buying a whole coin at the current price and the price goes down? This is majorly the fear of people from 2nd and 3rd world precise the 3rd! It surely cos a fortune to acquire one and they can't imagine buying one then it crumbles down... That's a big bust for an investor!
  3. Bitcoin is a big time bully! He is upload alt coin and they are even afraid or scared to gain as much as 20% the price of Bitcoin!
  4. Well, it's due to lack of exposure to the things on the internet. The leaders are mainly analog users and won't step down for digital leaders to come on board and run things how it should be properly runner!
  5. Raising bet amount is usually inevitable. But raising it and entering a trap is bad. So I advise never raise a bet when you have a long stream of green positive bets. But mainly when reds are in but remember never to chase loss.
  6. When people hold their Bitcoin their coin value increases rapidly, and they take the little increases and buy other alt coins with it... So I think the demand for other alt coins are increasingly highest since the current price of Bitcoin went up.
  7. You guys should get the opera app on your mobile. It works better and smooth! You can see the captcha well and stores don't disappear lo
  8. Let me suggest for you.. Set your siblings up to enlightened the heavy duty on you when they are well established!
  9. I think it's common with major popular browsers. But it works fine for me in opera browser. Not the mini opera the other one. You should try it out. It works better
  10. Hope and intention of having a good run for that day or doubling on what you have or trying to meet a target and live well...
  11. Good food of course. It's later on that sex will come. Moreover you need strength and energy. So take care of your body and not sex life hahaha. That's what I think.
  12. If I win 100btc? I will be sincere I won't know what to do with it. Until I win it and that's when thought will come into my mind and do something about it. It's when you get to the river you will know how to cross it.
  13. In 2 days should make sense or close to 3 days. That will be more better. But congratulations!
  14. I will suggest lite coin am surprised at the sharp increase in the price. And it shows signs of further increase too
  15. Yes. It's better when you use same username everywhere you play so as to enable your friend or contact from other site identify you easily!