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  1. More and more people are using smartphones thanks to budget friendly mid-rangers, almost anyone can now afford to buy a smartphone. Mobile payment is becoming more common and it is an opportunity to acquaint people more into using bitcoin . Mobile payment will eventually replace credit cards or at least will make them less mainstream. An example of this is Apple Pay. Bitcoin smartphone wallet apps are to use when you have a transaction, you just scan a qr code and the transaction is done though will take some time to be confirmed.
  2. Uhmm me big garage, small house, 7 wife Cheesy How about you Dude?
  3. I like Casey Neistat's channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtinbF-Q-fVthA0qrFQTgXQ
  4. haha you thought its pd. no. cause i love pd very much! and i know its 101% provably fair! ;D ;D
  5. Please check what provably fair is on this link https://dicesites.com/provably-fair https://dicesites.com/primedice/verifier its not primedice its bustabit. hehe
  6. I lost 0.2 here in bustabit. Its kinda rigged because its look like its not probably fair. 20x below 1x. holy shit!