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    RevStardust reacted to Annie in Love vs. Money?   
    Awesome. I love this
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    If I had to make a decision like the one I'd said, I'd save my loved one. Money is tempting yes, but you can always get it in other ways. If your loved one gets dropped into lava, there's really not many ways to get that person back (time travel maybe?).
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    RevStardust reacted to GokuHF in How do you attempt to prevent busting?   
    I'll be honest. I bust because I get greedy. I always set a goal but push that goal 1 or 2 bets over and I end up busting. You have to be truthful and strong with your goals. Say you have 10k sats and you want to make it 15k. Get to 15k and relax a little, go back to a base bet and set a new goal. DON'T YOLO RAGE BET! You may get it, but the endorphins in your brain (once you do get it) will tell you that you can get it again. Play slowly! Goodluck.
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    RevStardust reacted to connesa in being greedy hit me again!   
    this is really nuts....lastnight i got 140k sats ref commision,played it and reach 0.006 and then my itchy hands aim for more and this is what happened??‍♀️

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    RevStardust reacted to RabMalfoy in What would you do if you win jackpot?   
    Start my own rescue center for abused and abandoned animals. 
    Twa's my dream
    and have my own business to support my rescue center in the long run.
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    RevStardust reacted to frankskinner in 📢 Faucet Redesign Ideas   
    The bitcoin values have increased which presumably means the site is earning more too? One BTC a day in faucet - how much more is gained in profits?
    The faucet is a big incentive for some to come to the site... and the idea that it could be built up from rolling more worked well. It offered a certain amount of fallback when one lost - which with the odds as they are... is going to happen else the site would not be in business - right? Take away that incentive and you essentially go back on what had already been promised - that's risky business - not in the sense that people will suddenly quit the site but that the site's integrity is brought into question.
    Before you redesign the faucet you should honour the old one. That said, if it is getting expensive then reduce the amount you give to the initial joiners and not just in how much they roll but how long they have been with the site. Calculate a percentage of the amount invested into the site by the user as well as the time they have been with the site as well the number of rolls they have made and even the amount they have participated in chat.
    Don't just hit out at those who have built up their faucet over a time and slash them down without any thought of consequence. To decree something and then break that decree for whatever reasons - is still a broken promise and has energetic repercussions. The universe has ways of balancing itself and you have just significantly increased the odds of hufflepuff 2.0 turning up.
    You could probably set it up so that instead of, or as well as users simply answering a captcha - they could do something meaningful for those brief seconds - something that actually adds value to the world. It's hard to say without access to the figures but I imagine the number of  captchas submitted each day on the faucets is quite considerable. This "work" could be directed into something more profitable for the community or even the world at large... there might even be a way to offset the cost by doing some kind of crowdsourcing exercise - an honourable one, not just for profit - it might require a bit of programming but what doesn't these days?
    With the numbers on this site - sure they are brought here by greed for the most part... but there must be a way of encouraging some positive emotion - rather than persuading them to make lots of noise in a chat on giveaways - you might encourage them to unite in some way and achieve something more lasting than a crazy 30 minutes of subservient behaviour in a giveaway to satisfy their greed.
    "In equal measure, those that have more must love those that have less, and those who have less will love those that have given more of themselves to equal the playing field, with a hand of kindness that has both hands turned up and never one hidden behind the back." - Lujan Matus