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  1. Street urchin -- Street Sharks
  2. I've always used Electrum. And to be honest a hardware one is really tempting to me. The part that is more attractive about it is that they support several other coins apart from BTC, so you can storage everything in the same place instead of having dozens of wallets for your different coins or keeping them in an exchange (which seems the most unsafe option for me).
  3. As others have mentioned, taking into account the possibility of PD being gone or something, I'd take option 1 without hesitation. Now, if I could be 100% sure that I'd get that 0.1 daily always forever and ever, it becomes tempting. But all things considered, I think I'd still take the 100 right now. If I wanted I could gamble with those 100 BTC with a very low risk and get 0.1 profit daily. But the real reason I'd go with that option is because I have a ton of projects right now that need money to become a reality, so having that much money would allow me to put them all in motion.
  4. Well, I'm not religious so I can't be really objective about it. Even animals do it, so I don't think it can seriously be seen as wrong or evil. It's instinctive.
  5. How did you end up gambling? What was your first contact with it that made you start? My story is that I was always quite a gamer. Many years ago I was playing GTA San Andreas. I really liked how there were a lot of mini games included into it, like how you could gain and lose fat and muscle, improve your skills, etc. One of the mini games however, was a casino. I started playing there and without ever reading anything about gambling or anything before in my life I came up on my own with the martingale strategy on the roulette. Since I had shitloads of money in the game, the strategy was pretty damn effective cuz I never got to use my entire bankroll. This left me feeling like it was easy to earn money gambling, and wondered if I could do the same on a real roulette. However I never really played with real money until years later. But that's where the seed was planted.
  6. Maybe they can add a lower withdrawal that's not instant. One that happens weekly, so they process all the transactions together instead of making a ton of small ones constantly. I'm not sure how it works, but for example freebitcoin allows a weekly low fee withdrawal, so I imagine there's a way to reduce the fees while performing all transactions together.
  7. Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing. Very recommended song, this time by the hand of Spotify's weekly recommendations.
  8. I really enjoy french accent. On the other hand, a girl I knew that spoke in french said she really enjoyed spanish one (which is my native language). Guess we find appealing what's foreign to us.
  9. I have a strong fear about not exploiting the potential on some of the ideas I have out of pure lazyness.
  10. Ehm. Wendy's? I really have grown out of Mc and BK. I only go from time to time to try out new stuff that they may have just for testing purposes.
  11. It was really mindblowing for me. Had never realized about it. And actually seeing human history using this calendar gives us a way better perspective I think.
  12. In one of my nights jumping from youtube link to youtube link endlessly I fell upon this channel and ended up watching all of its videos (not on the same day, tho, they're a lot). And this video I'm posting right here seems a very strong argument for me as to why this should be the year 12018. Happy 12018 everyone.
  13. All I have right now. About 5kish. I don't even notice when it goes up.
  14. I'm also on favor of alt coins. I mean, there are things in the future that will reduce fees and transaction times, like when segwit wallets become more massive and all sites and exchanges start using it, or when lightning network comes sometime next year, but until then there's a real problem with the fees. And using altcoins can be the solution. I mean, people want to have BTC, they don't want to pay the fees and wait for the transactions... so they withdraw an altcoin, then exchange it back into BTC. That's what I'd do at least.
  15. Oh no, no. I actually buy sightstone. Then Liandrys, Rilay's and so on... lol