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  1. When btc @500$ I usually deposit 0.1 always but now it's 1650$ I just deposit 0.01. I just set my goal to 200%-300% profit then withdraw.
  2. Your winning in short term. But you can't beat the house edge. Simple as that. Just set a goal and withdraw.
  3. It depends. Cause of the technology right now all things made easy. Like before, you need to visit library to research but now just one click in Google any information you want is instant.
  4. well from my stay in the philippines. the filipinos sarcastically believes if they dont eat rice they will starve to death hahaha, well i understand why they usually think that, its probably due to the fact they depend solely on rice which is what their politicians use in winning their votes by giving them few kilos of rice!!! they love bangus and baguio rice...tho i wont deny the fact that its fun in the philippines!!! i heard a lot about "walking street" where you dont have fear of talking to anybody about sex !!! what a crazy city in philippines Yah, Angeles pampangga(walking street). Night club parties. So Philippines is more fun to have sex. Haha
  5. Sell my 30btc when the price is only 200$. so much regret.
  6. My first win in pokerstars is 2150$. on turbo tournament. got 1st place!
  7. If you had to convert all your wealth to either Bitcoin or gold and keep it there for 10 years, which would you choose? Keep in mind the fact that Bitcoin has only been around for 5 years, and could be fundamentally different in any number of ways in 10 years.
  8. I'm been in my 5th week of no rice diet. and I'm pretty amaze on the result. i usually do abs workout 3x a week.
  9. Movie: The wolf of the wall street Is she a pornstar?
  10. Thanks milan944. Very fast and reliable. :-*