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  1. Haha, I believe I will let them partake in their worship on their own. Like you said above, its pretty hypocritical that I sit in the Church pretending to believe in the things being preached, when I don't.
  2. Thank you guys for your input, all of you said the same thing pretty much so I guess I know what my answer is lol
  3. I mean implementing it someway into the site itself. I've seen other sites do it so I know it's possible.
  4. I was thinking, maybe we could implement some sort of raffle system into the site? Where users can buy tickets into the raffle for lets say 10kSat/per and have the prize be something like 0.01 or more? Could even be broken down into smaller amounts if there were multiple raffle drawings like once an hour/day/week/month. Using the btc users bought tickets with to fund the next raffle drawing would keep the price PD has to contribute to a minimum. Just thought this was a fun idea for the community
  5. Okay so all my life growing up I was raised as a Christian. Service every Sunday morning, and Wednesday night. As I've gotten older I have slowly drifted from the religion as it has some far out beliefs that I personally just find impossible to be true. I am the type of person that has to SEE something to believe it, and I haven't ever seen anything resembling some of the stories in the bible. I'm married now, with children, and my wife was raised the same as I except she still has faith in the religion and wants to attend service regularly. My question is do I A: Put my beliefs aside and attend service with her and my children, me not believing anything the Pastor is preaching or B: Let them attend services themselves and me do my own thing on Sundays?
  6. Trust me, look at the loss as a blessing and don't gamble anymore. I wish I could just walk away, but addictions are a bitch.
  7. I usually deposit twice the amount I lost and proceed to lose it too lol
  8. I'd like to point out that 6387x is not a payout you can choose, the two highest payouts are 4950x and 9900x, also you can't roll over 99.99 as 99.99 is the highest possible roll you can have, being 9900x payout. But other than that this is a possible strat you can use to hit a huge win.
  9. I see your point with making it easier to know if someone is an alt by connecting to a Facebook account but what is stopping someone from making numerous Facebook accounts and just connecting them all to primedice?
  10. Yeah I logged out, cleared cache and cookies, relogged and still have the popup message appearing on mobile.
  11. @Dan do we need to specify if our roll number was a 00.00 or will that be manually checked before payouts?
  12. And then I'll get like 0.0025 because the fees are outrageous lol Edit: Okay I did end up getting 0.0044 from virwox, but it does require a 48hr wait on your first withdraw unfortunately. Thanks kris.
  13. Have $50 PayPal looking to buy $45 BTC (0.0046)
  14. Hey all, I'm looking to try some other exchange sites besides CEX.io since they are trash. I'd prefer a site that doesnt require very much ID verification that way I can purchase BTC today with my debit card and not have to wait 24-48 hours to be verified, but if that's just something I have to deal with then so be it.
  15. I'm not sure what the maximum payout is anymore, but no it would not let the individual place a bet that exceeded maximum payout. It would let them know they were trying to play a bet that exceeded max and wouldn't let them roll the dice.