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  1. Hey guys, I wanna know based on your experience, or if you have seen someone else, how many reds do you get when playing on 90% Chance without switching hi/lo? As far as I have experience, I got 4 reds in 90% Chance winning. Is it normal or not? Because as far as I know it's almost impossible to get that lose streak because 3 reds are already rare... CMIIMW.
  2. Hey Edward! Can you justify yourself? Where havr you been? We know you've been online lately but you do not take the threads you're responsible for seriously. Many have complaints and suggested but i see none got paid for the BTC claim as your post said about it. Please take this seriously!
  3. Good Day, Dear PD Team, I love how PD encourage users to create a better platform in the forum or in PD game itself by giving out free BTC. But one thing that really disappointed me, and maybe most of the users in PD, is that the reward claim time is wayyyy too long. I have given a suggestion in the forum for PD on the faucet limit, it was taken and implemented afterwards. As per Edward's sticky notes on our privilege to claim free BTC for those whose suggestion implemented, I have not received anything from it. It's not that I'm nagging about the free BTC, but with this long time pending reward claims, it gives an impression of unprofessional work and feeling of being cheated. Personally I love PD, but please give a solution to this issue. I'm still waiting for response from Edward to claim my rewards. On behalf of the users who haven't received the rewards and those who agree, I would like to say thank you for putting your time in this matter. Best regards, Ivan J.
  4. It's true, but no matter how good you are at understanding probability or other calculation, everything comes back to luck, we can't control the system
  5. You can play again in betting. If you have lost a large amount like that, it should not discouragr you but makes you stronger, so that when you are gambling you will remember your mistake and always control your emotion
  6. It take s a long time to build up the commission when your affiliate don't put much deposit or play nicely
  7. I agree, yet disagree on this. Why? The good thing about your idea is that we can use the faucet amount as we like but limited to the faucet amount tbat we have. I don't agree with this because in the end it comes back to the potentially faucet farmer, players who have high faucet couls abuse this, the reason why faucet is limited per claims is to prevent that abuse as one of the other reasons.
  8. Hello, good morning I notice that PD has implemented the faucet timer (to know when can we use it again) May I claim my reward for it? For reference, you may check my topic starter on Primedice Faucet Limit. Thank you very much, much appreciated
  9. Thanks for informing me about the history of this faucet improvement. If you explain it that way, well that make sense why the faucet for players who have not eagered until 1 btc is very low. But isn't it possible for PD to create a system that can track down these faucet abuser so that the faucet can be increased? Again, thank you I just knew that the max claim for faucet is 50 times. But I still think it would br best for PD to create a timer for it, it won't cost much because it is a simple system and quite helpful
  10. anything in the site always bring benefit like faucet if there no faucet in PrimeDice the site Not gonna be this Big so everything always bring Benefit cheers Completely agree with artcode. Sorry, Fredik, but what makes a company great is because of everyone's cobtribution including the small people (faucet players). These faucet players are the expected customers who are still curious on how to play (or people who haven't got money to deposit), some of them will be a real customers (players who deposit) when they feel they are intrigued by the game. If PD don't listen about the faucet suggestion, it will create loss of interest to play due to relatively small amount to start. It's all about customer service, marketing, and business
  11. Please elaborate because it doesnt make sense.. How could a 2.3k faucet turns into 230k? Out of nowhere without loss? Lol
  12. Hey Kristoff, Thanks for the compliment on the post Yes I was thinking around 300 to 500ish satoshis would be great for faucet starters.
  13. I think the purpose of faucet is to prevent fsucrt farming, but then again you are right, not everyone use this privilege. Surely PD can adjust this matter.
  14. I agree with the idea. A popup notification can alert someone on choosing the max bet. Or PD can adjust the max button placement so that people dont get to missclick.
  15. Primedice Faucet Limit Suggestion and Feedback Firstly, let me introduce myself, my name is Ivan. I'm quite new to Primedice, but quite active since the first time I started playing. If there's any mistake that I did in PD or I do in this post, I am sorry. Alright! I have been playing my bets from the faucet and I have lost too many times, until I reached a point where the system said: "You have reached the maximum claim for faucet for this week", something like that. I was quite disappointed to read that message as I'm now playing it a lot. My suggestions are: 1. It would be nice if there's a notification or a timer set in the homepage of PD to see when can we return and claim our next available faucet. 2. It would also be nice if the faucet for players who have not wagered until 10 BTC is not relatively too low (150 satoshis). Maybe for players who have reached 1 BTC wager, they could start with higher faucet than players who haven't reached that point. So it will encourage players to play more as they feel an achievement of unlocking higher faucet. Hopefully this could be implemented, seeing this benefit and attract new or recently joined players Regards, Ivan