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  1. They have been talking about lightning for a long time now. If comes around I don't see it goes anywhere but up. With lower fees, more people will use bitcoin. Now with fees around $15, many people moved to alts, including me. I don't want to use it anymore with such fees. With lighting prices will probably go up
  2. True. Anyway, it seems strange that he does it for just for nothing in return
  3. of course he pumps shitcoins for his gain. it's just too suspicious. not all coins that we promoted are bad but mostly all are. seems he just needs to say a good coin sometimes to be less suspicious I wouldn't follow his advices. sooner or later you can lose it all
  4. Anybody came across neuro interfaces? it's kinda device to read your brain impulses. so that thing connects to another device and you can do desired action just thinking about. One company called Neurogress claims that it's already testing a beta version of their software to make this a reality. So maybe in the very future, we could connect our neuro devices to keyboard and write texts just thinking about it, or play games and control our character with our minds. Isn't it great? Tell me what you think about a future like that, do you like that scenario?
  5. Yes, as far as I know that's how cigarettes were invented. Just tobacco was burning and someone felt its effect. I think the same was with grass
  6. You're right. It's very hard to stop. And sometimes I really can't stop. That's when I start to lose. So try to quit as soon as possible.
  7. It’s pretty sad that we have such people. Short review: the guy wanted to make some kinda PR for ICO but they turned out his offer because they did not need this. So he said that he will write bad reviews about them if they didn’t pay. I can’t understand why people do that. Read http://www.newsbtc.com/2017/12/08/ico-scammers-new-cybercriminal-breed/ Why do you think people do such things. Better earn money throwing dices
  8. I think bitcoin will be about 40k by the end of the year, and Ether 2k. Try Ethereum subreddit. There are a lot of information there
  9. If I win a few times in a row and then start to lose. that's a sign for me. it's important not to continue when you know that your lucky streak is over