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  1. in Russia there is a saying "to fish in muddy water" - it means to try to earn on time, until no one understands what is happening. It`s very much approaches to this guy.
  2. A lil, but instructive story. Truth can be blamed, but cannot be shamed, Do Not succumb to scammers! <a href="http://www.newsbtc.com/2017/12/08/ico-scammers-new-cybercriminal-breed/" target="_blank">proof</a> A rise in the number of cryptocurrency projects and hence the ICOs has opened up a lot of opportunities for different kinds of people to make a quick buck. While most of these opportunities are clean and legitimate, there are some which aren’t, and can be classified as “borderline extortion.” For any crowdsale or an ICO be successful, the promoters of the project have to work hard and even spend a small fortune on marketing and promotional campaigns, so that they can build trust among the community members, who will, in turn, contribute towards the project. If there are any doubts about the legitimacy of a project, community participation in the crowdsale could be severely impacted, leading to a failure of the ICO and in turn the project itself. Given the scenario, various reports have emerged where crypto-project promoters and developers were approached by people claiming to help in promoting the project and crowdsale over various platforms for a hefty fee. While one can’t really comment on their efficiency, turning them down could turn detrimental to the project. According to few people in the industry, these “so-called” influencers have threatened to malign the project when their services are turned down. It is claimed in few cases that some of them have attempted to extort money from the project creators, and when their demands aren’t met, the projects were targeted with negative comments and reports on BitcoinTalk, other forums, and social media platforms. In recent days, one of the projects Zabercoin has claimed that it is being targeted by someone in a similar fashion. Juan Engelbrecht, the CEO of Zabercoin offering details about the ordeal said, “We were recently approached by an individual by the name of Alexander Moyo on Facebook (FB). He threatened us with a bad review on our ICO page if we refuse to pay him for a favorable review. Since Zabercoin is a company with integrity and high morals, his request was declined. “ <a href="http://www.newsbtc.com/2017/12/08/ico-scammers-new-cybercriminal-breed/" target="_blank">Read more</a> A cat falls on its legs!