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  1. The name of the file doesn't reflects the PD version, it just reflects how many tries it took me to finalize the project lol.
  2. If God didn't invented masturbation, it means we are damn geniouses. Sex is for procreate, but if we can even have fun with ourselves why not?
  3. Well, I think I have answered to your desire. Obviously how stated in the terms & conditions you can't use anything from the site without express consent of the website owners. Hope you like it. PD4.mp4
  4. Colors? like Golden one as a throphy?
  5. I understand that but... even if it's advanced mode, you can still File save as it anyway thank you.
  6. Can you please save the script of it? thanks.
  7. I just took the logo as it, and made it into 3d, but I will fix it if you think it's too edgy I will try to make it smooth. and without holes.
  8. It's nothing ufficial, I just wanted to make something for PrimeDice. What do you think? Pd logo.mp4
  9. That's why I'm in costant search of secure email addresses. 2 of my 15 email addresses are been breached.
  10. Username: FanEagle Joined on August, 10th, 2014 Too bad it doesnt counts the previous PD
  11. Ok, I was lurking the web and saw this strange programming language, called Ring. Now, it says it has multi-ways to be written, natural,functional etc... like, and the only tutorials I found on Youtube are in arab, now, do you think it would be worth to try to learn it? Ring - Programming Language
  12. We are working really hard to make it perfect, don't worry for the moment, it's already something shiny and well made, and trust me, I've seen many of failure websites, and this is not one of them, you can trust your Eagle. It's gonna be different than what you may expect, but it's full of amaziness.
  13. Just for the fun of it. A wallpaper for everyone.