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  1. Br1

    Same Username

    I have the same name here and on the main site
  2. I like an autobet system that we can able to switch rolls too, I saw it on other sites and its cool
  3. Br1

    What make you keep stay in Primedice?

    being the most trusted dice site in the business, thats the only reason
  4. Br1

    Roshtein 103k slot win

    what site is that? I wanna take a look!
  5. Br1

    If you have 100Btc

    buy some friends made me laugh. LOL most people now can be friends only if you are rich
  6. let me try this one, saw this on bitcointalk but forgot to take a look
  7. Br1

    Ez Profit - A Martingale Twist

    no matter how many freeroll you made you can still get losing streaks that can eat your entire balance
  8. Br1

    Wild Feels

    happened to me once, a big mistake that ends my .2btc balance
  9. Br1

    Guys, where do u do sport betting?

    I would suggest nitrogensports.eu I am with them for around 3years now
  10. Br1

    20k to 0.01 btc

    if you couldn't sleep in losing such small amount, you better stop gambling
  11. Br1

    If you have 100Btc

    100btc with the current rate is around $400,000, it can only buy decent house and lot, car and some small business here in my country
  12. Br1

    Anong wallet mo?

    Electrum and Mycelium sakin depende sa laki ng amount na itatago ko. kung maliit na amount lang naman ok na ako sa coins.ph
  13. Br1

    1BTC Challenge

    I cant believe it, I thought it will be like a lottery to make 1btc from 70k satoshi. Congratulations on the big win
  14. Br1

    1BTC Challenge

    If its true, you should have made over 1btc before asking for tips right?
  15. Br1

    Personal luck of a person!

    all things in life are in the matter of luck