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  1. Jackpot is cool, but should def be auto notfied if you hit. its way too annoying to check ur bets after every roll, no fun.
  2. Raspberries are my favorite fruit, but I like almost all fruits. Vegetables, I like a lot too. I love to make asparagus with olive oil cooked in a pan then garnished with a lil Parmesan cheese.
  3. I used to be SAS but it often leads to rage bet. =/.
  4. No your guys support is totally fine and I have no problems with support ever. Was just saying I wish VIPs in general (not pertaining to support) had some better perks of somekind. Sry, a bit misleading and tangential comment. heh
  5. Really, You think Blockchain.info is safer than a trezor? Could you elaborate?
  6. I would sell 10 BTC. put 30 into altcoins and hold the 50.
  7. It should be legalized simply because its illegal status causes far more harm to the user and public than the substance itself.
  8. Hey that's a decent and fair start. Let get this ball rollin!!!! TY owly for your thoughts. --- there could be withdrawal abuse, but they could implment protective measures so people dont deposit and immediately withdraw - wouldn't be hard.
  9. I have always been satisfied with PDs support. I just wish they could support VIP people in a more respected and caring manor. Perhaps in time.... However, Time has only been hurtful to VIPs (useless faucet), so I hope that trend will cease....
  10. Hehe, likely not hard to figure out you little detective! Do you have any suggestions owly, for better VIP stuff?
  11. Thanks for the % table there. Martingale has done great for me in past times, but it was also my downfall. Life.
  12. I like this suggestion and think it would be an excellent addition to PD for security conscious/curious folk. A+ suggestion mistletoe.
  13. Hello, I have VIP in primedice but it seems the only benefit to VIP is a yellow icon in chat. I suggest there should be something better than that. Perhaps a small avatar next to users name in chat (instead of yellow) would be a small step to betterment. Are there any plans to make VIPs feel like they are infact VIPs aside from the yellow VIP text in chat. I have a lot of small ideas that could be meaningful. Input/thoughts anyone?