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    cagulada79 got a reaction from Nevena in The confession game   
    i like trouble while dying.
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    cagulada79 got a reaction from MrNice23 in Who Are Behind The True Or Real Gamblers?   
    It's about a consideration that we are human, in complete senses we are being made. In gambling you are expecting both the loss and win. If u win, ur sense like your happy and  everything is under  control but when u loss that would be the sense that u'r sad and everything that is not under control or let say in short winning is opposite to lossing.
    The behavior of gamblers always depend on the situation. A gambler with good behavior can even become worst due to what happened that is not acceptable.  In realation to that no one can say that gambler personality  is good and is bad, it is can be identified when things happened at that moment. Clearly say that behind the real gambler when it comes to behavior no one can tell exactly. :)
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    cagulada79 got a reaction from JohnTravel in How much deposit do you suggest to make stable profit in primedice?   
    It was then my first time to realize when my stocks or balance was in 5 digit of satoshi and did my pd settings to auto with the appropriated strat. and then sad to say that it wasnt effective that was  because of the remaining balance i had  not enough. It was Confirmed when i deposited more btc and did again my strat, yah the game was going fine, I was doubled the btc i had for several minutes of hour. That was a breaking record for me for the first time that i withdrawed almost trice my btc capital. Yes, there should be a big difference when  more and less of deposits.
    The best strat u have if ever, should be done play with big deposits, that i could only tell. It has more the potential to be more effective of your special strategy as i said when you have enough deposits.
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    cagulada79 got a reaction from JohnTravel in Have you ever noticed someone Unhappy with you Winning at the game?   
    i dont think so..there should be happy too...for me. To be lucky is a timing so ill be happy for them winning.
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    cagulada79 got a reaction from MrNice23 in How many of you have friends through pd   
    Before , chating beside primedice i didnt go with them. I dont know maybe its my grammar but i realized what if i try as long as they understood, i think thats enough. Then now i slowly accepting invitations for friends till then...
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    cagulada79 reacted to sheenaz.bay in Have you ever noticed someone Unhappy with you Winning at the game?   
    there are some of my friends who always say hope I lose, but it's all just a joke, I always think they are joking. When I post bet ID with big profit, they will say why green? why hit? but after that they will say congratulations for the profit i get, and when I lose they will laugh, but they send PM to me that they are sad to see me lose and sometimes they give tips on a few coins. So in conclusion, what they say in the public is not all true, sometimes it is just a joke. even if someone hates your victory, then just consider them as your motivator so that you always win. so that they are more jealous of your victories
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    cagulada79 got a reaction from firenine in [0.01 BTC] The long running giveaway (Test 2)   
    Bet: 34,334,123,074
    placed by cagulada79 on 09/08/2019
    0.00001935 Multiplier
    1.01x Profit
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    cagulada79 reacted to Zoltan in [0.01 BTC] The long running giveaway (Test 2)   
    Ends: Whenever the goal is reached
    Hopefully you remember the first run which i did in April, this one will be similar and it will also sound a bit complex, but i will try to explain it.  What i need from all of you, that you fill out this topic with numbers between 0-99.90. It should be in increasing order so the first entry should be a roll of "0" , second entry should be the roll "0.10" 3rd entry "0.20" and so on. That is not all though! As you can't post a new message if yours was the last, as it would merge, therefore if you posted an entry you have to wait until someone hits the next target, so you can post again. Every new entry has to have a bigger bet ID than the previous one, so you can't stack winner bets and just wait for the opportunity. This way if you are lucky and persistent you could win up to 0.005 BTC as explained later.
    No minimum bet!
    Bets must have been made after the commencement of this promotion.
    They have to be winning bets.
    Do not change your linked account during the whole duration of the promotion.
    10+ forum post count.
    Haven't broken any General Giveaways Rules!
    Prize Pool
    Every correct entry is 0.00001 BTC (yes i know it is small, this is just a test run and you can have multiple entries, so if you are lucky, you can get up to 0.005BTC) (Hopefully there will be no one with only one eligible entry, as minimum tip amount is 2k )
    How to Enter
    Respond to this topic, and link your bet IDs using the link function in the text editor. 
    (Paste your bet id, then highlight and click on the link bet button)
    PS.: If you see someone posted a wrong bet, then please try to post a correct one instead and don't go for the next number until the previous one is not eligible.
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    cagulada79 reacted to fankas276 in Penalty to tourist can't speak language to thier destination.   
    It is very strange ideas to ask that  a tourist need to learn somehow a host country 's language  somehow while travelling !Most countries in this world accept English as international language , meanwhile some people  try to learn a bit about a country where they Luke to visit because local might not able to communicate with them without tourist guides or some travellers like to learn different languages of destination countries. It is not surprised Filipinos use English as second language and many tourist who came there don't need to study or learn Takalog. Actually , most tourists learn languages  when they reach the country they like to visit .
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    cagulada79 got a reaction from fankas276 in Penalty to tourist can't speak language to thier destination.   
    For instance: Filipino tourist  usually prepared the language  in their destination. But why foriegn when they go to philippines they spoke english instead of tagalog or any for philippine languages. I observed Filipilno were trying to ride on to foriegn language when they were talking for them to understand.