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  1. Until my balance is empty i will stop then....and find again the source to deposit again..haha
  2. now im observing...but primedice really help to me at that time...i was lucky enough then...since the game flatform or design changed...its hard for me in controlling..now im observing...let me know the hint..
  3. if its with regards to dice...study the flatform, dice is not controlled by you..its how u deal with the dice. Make the dice turns to ur intention and earn a lot...since it has the settings to modify ur games and turning ur time so productive...go for right setting as u think its good and its working...and share it...hahah...good luck every one..
  4. Yes focus and concentration..but one thing to consider is what is that thing that ur focusing and to concentrate..is thant helping or it just meant for nothing..know better ur work..if its working and seems its really working.. then go...goodluck!
  5. I just wanna hear from primedice why the dice there is one turn when to stop it. Before when I click the button to stop the dice its directly stop.
  6. For instance: Filipino tourist usually prepared the language in their destination. But why foriegn when they go to philippines they spoke english instead of tagalog or any for philippine languages. I observed Filipilno were trying to ride on to foriegn language when they were talking for them to understand.
  7. I'm sorry to be frank, yes but time came for realizing that primedice could help a lot to me when I've won of the certain amount and feeling satisfied because of primedice fair service.