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  1. Oh my beloved 6x your good yesterday but now you roll over your number. Im afraid sometimes betting higher with that low payout  if this  could sustain  the roll within. Roll over the desired target number is a big failure ever.  I dont rely my stocks to my 6x maybe this my one of those lowpayout i used. This not my majority strat  ingredients but  stil its part of my other plans in working primedice.

  2. It's about a consideration that we are human, in complete senses we are being made. In gambling you are expecting both the loss and win. If u win, ur sense like your happy and  everything is under  control but when u loss that would be the sense that u'r sad and everything that is not under control or let say in short winning is opposite to lossing.

    The behavior of gamblers always depend on the situation. A gambler with good behavior can even become worst due to what happened that is not acceptable.  In realation to that no one can say that gambler personality  is good and is bad, it is can be identified when things happened at that moment. Clearly say that behind the real gambler when it comes to behavior no one can tell exactly. :)

  3. I couldnt tell  if there's a good strategy, it is the way you are feeling like its good because you won  that time but the fact that you still busted at the end. You know the system has its own mind or having it an artificial intelligence, why because when ur playing and with high profit  and keeping it running  again and again it resulted for nothing. The PD system will analyse your game, thats all. Nothing is lucky for the strategy in the long run of using it. One thing for dicer is be wise.

  4. Redeposit has no relation about losing or winning for me. Yeh i understand because that is what you have experienced or noticed on your game. Perhaps i dont know how did you make it that you are always on red sections. Consider the timing of your game, thats a technique for instance. The best strategy dealing with the pd system is a big help. What I used to do is to mingle and witness the reality by them who always on win with high profit and less of time. 

  5. Is it possible that this game has a technique? Maybe some will say it has through their experience. When i started to play pd a lot were having fun because they doubled their capital using their technique that they believed. So, i tried also as someone was teaching me. Yes, that autobet, the more in red then back to green it will bigger your winning. Im just having a small amount at first but when it is running up, then i bigger the bet into trice. Since the technique as they believe was effective until iv been using it. Even a litte income everyday as like an interest that you have deposited in pd could be a big help for me specially to my family.

  6. If i won then my status is capable to rain small amount why not. For now, iv noticed my level is not allowed to give small amount and I let you know that im not that much, i just played in an amount i can afford. If given a chance to win that big I will give. But for now i am sorry...

  7. To gamble for me, when we talked about target time is depending on the money availability. Maybe, i could plan when exactly the right time to gamble when my money is always available. Nothing seems importance the target time when but all matter to the budget or enough money for gambling.

  8. Based on my experience, the best sex i have is  started when im in highschool. I was very curious to the feeling of having sex to someone. I am imagining when i have  sex to someone what should i do first, and how to ended up with satisfaction. But i smiled the fact that im innocent about. If sex is on process  i keep it goin  until  the girl felt like heaven . I was expecting yet before i did the sex that it would be ended with silence and see again and pretend nothing is happened. The once try is gaining another tries and so on. Sex is really making us both more close in our  relationship. While of that kind of closeness we have, sex always in our mind and done with no one's around. That was my best sex in my life at that age . 

  9. Just to be franked, it was really changed when it comes to happiness, but when the time that pd understands my technique everything was lost i mean the balance that i had before. Its all gone and when the time btc started to double in value, i remember my 0.7btc before it was more valuable now. Of course its a game  and need to accept the face of whats really the game is. Accept the ups and downs when it comes to a game like pd.

    Now i could say, it changed  because im happy with the people of pd but not all, and not because its a matter of losing i have. Thank You.

  10. When im new here, the first thing i did was to observe and understand whats goin on  in pd. 

    To test the game since faucet was available then was the way to get goin until i discovered the effective settings on the game. 

    Perhaps, the self  discovery wasnt good enough so I talked to online members to get more idea, I was also afraid to ask in the chatroom of not entertaining me about my intention. But all was just my bad perception and i was wrong all was welcoming me and heard them by telling me goodluck. After that day in joining the chatroom and making friends I was feeling like I am special because so many members shared their strat that is effective and get a short tutorial also. 

    Newbie doesnt mean ur innocent, what shall you do is let yourcelf rooming around and understand the situation. Thank You.



  11. What does it mean by loyal, is that u already the player of pd and always come back till the end of time? Or you did the right in everything you do in pd because you are loyal. 

    I am fan of pd since of the year 2017. Im loyal maybe because till now im still exist. There was a time that i stoped for how many months to play pd because I noticed the changes of the game, specially when they upgraded the site. But sighting again the site i was amazed by the people or members in pd talking at chatroom and several times to catch the giveaways or tip from somebody. Yah, Im truly loyal of pd., thank you.

  12. Breaking the rules inside the pd chatroom  is always ignored by the pd users,  thats what i have noticed. Why? It's because they also like it, the flow of the conversation is more interesting when doing things againts the pd chat rules. Letting them continue their bad doings can affect the good ambiance of the room surroundings. It can be stoped by just giving authorisation  to the users to report those who  break the rules.