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  1. Just to be franked, it was really changed when it comes to happiness, but when the time that pd understands my technique everything was lost i mean the balance that i had before. Its all gone and when the time btc started to double in value, i remember my 0.7btc before it was more valuable now. Of course its a game and need to accept the face of whats really the game is. Accept the ups and downs when it comes to a game like pd. Now i could say, it changed because im happy with the people of pd but not all, and not because its a matter of losing i have. Thank You.
  2. cagulada79


    When im new here, the first thing i did was to observe and understand whats goin on in pd. To test the game since faucet was available then was the way to get goin until i discovered the effective settings on the game. Perhaps, the self discovery wasnt good enough so I talked to online members to get more idea, I was also afraid to ask in the chatroom of not entertaining me about my intention. But all was just my bad perception and i was wrong all was welcoming me and heard them by telling me goodluck. After that day in joining the chatroom and making friends I was feeling like I am special because so many members shared their strat that is effective and get a short tutorial also. Newbie doesnt mean ur innocent, what shall you do is let yourcelf rooming around and understand the situation. Thank You.
  3. What does it mean by loyal, is that u already the player of pd and always come back till the end of time? Or you did the right in everything you do in pd because you are loyal. I am fan of pd since of the year 2017. Im loyal maybe because till now im still exist. There was a time that i stoped for how many months to play pd because I noticed the changes of the game, specially when they upgraded the site. But sighting again the site i was amazed by the people or members in pd talking at chatroom and several times to catch the giveaways or tip from somebody. Yah, Im truly loyal of pd., thank you.
  4. Breaking the rules inside the pd chatroom is always ignored by the pd users, thats what i have noticed. Why? It's because they also like it, the flow of the conversation is more interesting when doing things againts the pd chat rules. Letting them continue their bad doings can affect the good ambiance of the room surroundings. It can be stoped by just giving authorisation to the users to report those who break the rules.
  5. It was then my first time to realize when my stocks or balance was in 5 digit of satoshi and did my pd settings to auto with the appropriated strat. and then sad to say that it wasnt effective that was because of the remaining balance i had not enough. It was Confirmed when i deposited more btc and did again my strat, yah the game was going fine, I was doubled the btc i had for several minutes of hour. That was a breaking record for me for the first time that i withdrawed almost trice my btc capital. Yes, there should be a big difference when more and less of deposits. The best strat u have if ever, should be done play with big deposits, that i could only tell. It has more the potential to be more effective of your special strategy as i said when you have enough deposits.
  6. Before , chating beside primedice i didnt go with them. I dont know maybe its my grammar but i realized what if i try as long as they understood, i think thats enough. Then now i slowly accepting invitations for friends till then...
  7. Since i started joining primedice, it surprised me. My first withdraw was unexpected amount and it turns me back again and again. Primedice not for people who have no patience. It is for the people with no regrets when whether to loss or to win.
  8. Maybe that will increase ur credibility because people recognised depends on your work. if your site is more on encouragement and letting people changed then you helped by that. Your site must be a guide to people viewers like introducing new products in the other page and some page would be like i said encouragement. Thats really a big help to us viewers that always depending online.
  9. Everytime i played i put on loss to middle percentage. And on win is 100%...noticed that the winning equivalent is doubled and increase doubled again based on recent winning like 2 4 8 16 32 ( thats a sample only).
  10. I think faucet is for me is for testing. Its open when balances is zero. This is one way of promoting business or anything that is making products known by. Faucet if Empty in ur balance it means u lossed and it goes to primedice again. Faucet is just like borrowing in order to try their products.
  11. I have my own ways about this matter. I set green 99% and set bet all balance , set to auto and modify bellow setting like on win and on loss...yes i won more than not...
  12. Id rather find other ways than stealing in order to give to in need person. Anything that can help from the good source thats really fine. For me that way like to scam is really not helping.
  13. Bet: 34,334,123,074 placed by cagulada79 on 09/08/2019 Wagered 0.00001935 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.00000020
  14. i dont think so..there should be happy too...for me. To be lucky is a timing so ill be happy for them winning.
  15. ohh how sad..but its a chances game...u already know the consequences...