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    ChuckyFucky got a reaction from Dan in The Return to PD   
    Hey all! Its been a while since ive been around and boy have things changed!! Im an old-school primedicer which hasnt been around because of money issues.
    Ive been around for over 3 years and i use to host lotterys on the very first version of the primedice forums! (And i do believe there is a lotto which never went through and if you were part of it please let me know so i can send you your stake.) Well. All is good! Receptive mode receptive mode thats where i long to beeee, cuz when im in receptive mode i feel so fine and free!!
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    ChuckyFucky got a reaction from zale023 in How many month/s or year/s are you into bitcoin? And where do you used it the most?   
    Zale im pretty sure youve been here longer than that. ive been in the crypto and bitcoin world for over 4 years. I make a living from this.