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  1. I regret ever selling my 5 bitcoins that i bought for 200 usd. at that moment money was a need and i sold for total 5k usd. now that would put me at a whopping 20k+ usd. Damn. Shit happens though.
  2. As always enjoying myself while loosing money
  3. Thanks for the welcomes folks! Apreciate it alot!
  4. Amazing giveaway thanks for taking your time to build it
  5. Thanks for the love folks. Im here to stay
  6. I think i owe you like 50k. Let me check and ill see if i have enough balance to transfer now.
  7. Take it easy and slow. dont put any money into it. Just buy more GHS 4.0 with what you already have earned. its a snowball effect my friend. BTW i owe you money from the lotto right?
  8. Im looking at my eobot account and you have been my referral for over a month so at least i can say that much. Keep up the good work youll never regret it.
  9. Zale im pretty sure youve been here longer than that. ive been in the crypto and bitcoin world for over 4 years. I make a living from this. -Cheers
  10. Wish i could. But my pc is on 24/7 and boy am i blazzed. Had a few joints and a few drinks of coffee licor and i am gone buddy.
  11. So atm i have the urge to gamble and i am overly wasted. Advice to kill the craving? Please do help before i bust alot lol
  12. Welcome to the club. Glad to have you around!
  13. This man put on a show tonight. its great to see a big roller once in a while reminds me of the goodol days
  14. So gambling is a game against the house. But the real game is against yourself. You see it does not matter which strategy you implement what does matter is the state of mind you are in when gambling. If in your head you tell yourself not to do it because it just doesnt "Feel" Right Than dont! One always knows whats right and what just doesnt feel right. The real game is between you and yourself. Having the right mindset will get you far, while having the wrong mindset will get you nowhere. Luck is relative. -Cheers
  15. Hey all! Its been a while since ive been around and boy have things changed!! Im an old-school primedicer which hasnt been around because of money issues. Ive been around for over 3 years and i use to host lotterys on the very first version of the primedice forums! (And i do believe there is a lotto which never went through and if you were part of it please let me know so i can send you your stake.) Well. All is good! Receptive mode receptive mode thats where i long to beeee, cuz when im in receptive mode i feel so fine and free!! -Cheers!!
  16. I would like to add: if the idea gets implemented it would be lovely to also include a way to share aff comision between your active afiliates. Like what freebitco.in does. -Cheers
  17. Username:ChuckyFucky Hey, my most challenging experience here at primedice was about 10-12 months back. Just had gotten paid, (average wage here is about 900 usd) and i had decided to buy a btc worth about 600 usd at that moment. Held those btc for a week for a quick raise(made 150 bucks!!) Said to myself "Hey ill depo on PD and bet those 150 i earned and see whatsup" Everything nice and cool until my depo hit. Boy was i on a roll! had made another 50 bucks on pd so i was like yeah lets do a big one! decided to bet 50 bucks on 1.36(idk dont ask i like it) boom fail. That got me worked up so i was like ok lets do a few more, upped the ante to like 80 boom another loss. Fuck! And than the rage started, started doing stupid bets, cursing at myself, and after a few long hours.. Boom there was all my months money and btc. So yeah a months salary in about 4 days and boy was the couch confortable for a while. Thank you Edward, taking my money taught me not to be such a dumbass lol. -Cheers
  18. Dboyeric[/member] Yeah thats also true, the basic idea is to stop abuse after all. I do it all the time and i will continue to, doesnt hurt.
  19. gwapo112[/member] Well ive been here for over 3 years, so you could say im a loyal member. I love the forum and its amazing how it is currently, i just want to make things easier, its a suggestion that if implemented could ease a ton of work of the mods. Not a bounty hunter -Cheers
  20. Hey guys, so in the long hard battle of alternative accounts epxloiters and abusers i was thinking to myself, "Hey, they want you to use the forum, they even pay you too, so why not also get paid to report spam posters" I was thinking something along the lines of being given 1 credit or whatso for succesfully reporting a spam post. It would take alot of work off the forum admins and that way you dont need alot of people working just to prevent abuse. You can just give your loyal members an opportunity to do it themselves. -Cheers
  21. Happy 4th PD! Thanks for making our days alot better and its great to see our progress! -Cheers
  22. I wonder if Edward will read this before tonight.