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  1. I regret ever selling my 5 bitcoins that i bought for 200 usd. at that moment money was a need and i sold for total 5k usd. now that would put me at a whopping 20k+ usd. Damn. Shit happens though.
  2. As always enjoying myself while loosing money
  3. Thanks for the welcomes folks! Apreciate it alot!
  4. Amazing giveaway thanks for taking your time to build it
  5. Thanks for the love folks. Im here to stay
  6. I think i owe you like 50k. Let me check and ill see if i have enough balance to transfer now.
  7. Take it easy and slow. dont put any money into it. Just buy more GHS 4.0 with what you already have earned. its a snowball effect my friend. BTW i owe you money from the lotto right?
  8. Im looking at my eobot account and you have been my referral for over a month so at least i can say that much. Keep up the good work youll never regret it.
  9. Zale im pretty sure youve been here longer than that. ive been in the crypto and bitcoin world for over 4 years. I make a living from this. -Cheers
  10. Wish i could. But my pc is on 24/7 and boy am i blazzed. Had a few joints and a few drinks of coffee licor and i am gone buddy.
  11. So atm i have the urge to gamble and i am overly wasted. Advice to kill the craving? Please do help before i bust alot lol
  12. Welcome to the club. Glad to have you around!
  13. This man put on a show tonight. its great to see a big roller once in a while reminds me of the goodol days