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  1. • Exchange 0.011 btc for 0.69 ltc • Exchange 0.001 btc for 0.013 eth
  2. haha, are you serious? let's do it then! wooo i'm excited now. THANK YOU!
  3. this looks fun when are you planning to start? I would give it a try if I if had 0.01 to do it with. gl!
  4. @Humbertin19uu I saw that they didn't want to do the trade -- i'll still help you then if you still need. Do you have the btc on primedice yet?
  5. Okie, i'm in. lemme know your email or whatever i need to send to you. will send $5 after you tip me btc (PD username is jbenjaminy also). should be like 0.00054 btc or so, sound right?
  6. hey man, i'll do it, just give me couple min -- i'm trying to get into my paypal account
  7. jbenjaminy Bet:21,811,539,942 placed by jbenjaminy Wagered: 0.00001000 Payout: 1980.00x Profit: 0.01979000
  8. What's the status of this? Any idea when to expect payout? Thanks!
  9. 68.72 Bet:21,753,542,354 placed by jbenjaminy Wagered: 0.00040000 Payout: 33.00x Profit: -0.00040000 68.61 Bet:21,753,542,441 placed by jbenjaminy Wagered: 0.00040000 Payout: 33.00x Profit: -0.00040000 68.84 Bet:21,753,542,545 placed by jbenjaminy Wagered: 0.00040000 Payout: 33.00x Profit: -0.00040000
  10. I have changed it once during a roll hunt where I only needed 1 and it just wasn’t coming. But that’s the only time in like 1.1 mil or so bets.
  11. Haha, not to worry @UltraChief, cashed all but 0.1 yesterday and took that 0.1 up to 0.470 today and about to cash again
  12. Thanks for giving me the honor of being in your post @dmbadillo10 ! And thanks for all the support guys! Definitely have my system down just bc I’ve played it for several years and have countless hours of experience under my belt, but anyone can do it!! Most important things are patience, focus, bet-sizing, taking emotion out of it, etc. Will try to find the time this week to do a topic on the full session (really, two sessions, took a couple hours break in between) throughout which I went from 0.028 starting balance to somewhere ~0.96 (before a lot of rain I paid out ). Anyway, look out for that and in the meantime, good luck!