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  1. its not exist just in movies hahaha
  2. i think google chrome is the best of the best
  3. 1/2 per day but i don't miss any day lol
  4. yes i got a lend fro pitbully he is good man
  5. its borrowed he knows me lmao but i will pay under 6 hours
  6. lionardo decaprio and jason statham the bests actors
  7. i just went from 200k satoshi to 300k then bust :'(
  8. its happend sometimes its better is just 200k satoshi
  9. i like love stories and a littel of comedy
  10. i think facebook is the best one
  11. i think changing seed is dangerous idk about you guys
  12. my plan is all in 2x 3 times if i win i will cshout all
  13. sarah100

    Weed or alcoholic

    no weed no alcohol
  14. i could invest at btc with all my money
  15. sarah100

    Coffee or tea

    cofee of course <3
  16. i didn't play today wish me luck guys for tomorrow
  17. i will choose math because i like it
  18. - acheivment of high deposit - having friends - achivement of generousity - liking PD fb page - sharing PD fb page
  19. hello coolpens you can start playing at fb apps like world poker club or zynga poker not real money