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  1. Merry Christmas to all of you guys I have a little question Why is it "Merry Christmas" not "Happy Christmas"?
  2. Primedice username : goodboy11 Merry Christmas to all Primedice users
  3. Username of cryptocompare: govindakumar181 Primedice Username:goodboy11
  4. I am goodboy11 of Primedice Most loveable Primedicer: @Serlite Funniest Primdice @hawk1987 Favorite Primedice forum poster: @UltraChief Favorite Primedice chat user:@CaptainLorca Most intelligent Primedicer: @nytewind Most influential Primedicer: @Kristoffff Best Primedice moderator: @Robear @Kristoffff Funniest Primedice support member: @Bojana Favorite Primedice support member: @Irena Favorite Primedice admin: @Edward
  5. 2 BTC sounds good to me as per current price but genuinely 0.5 BTC is enough for me
  6. Hi i am goodboy11 can i participate too