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  1. Sound seems good! why not can't do with 0.001 with 10Ks or less hourly? I reached 26 reds in a rolls with ×2 odds and busted all my funds ! when it go to 15 or sixteen reds, don't wait for the green to come ,go for the opposite direction . Especially , when you left final balance to cover your lose and profit . lol that is Nitingale lol
  2. It look likes you're not a optimistic one to react someone's head. It comes with targets when considering about a business.In case , this gambling thing need a good luck to achieve . I mean u can try with any strategies but setting target is very crucial to be a successful gambler.
  3. Being a professional gambler needs proper strategies and fund management . As we know , greed is most of the time turn the game down till empty -handed. Firstly, make a target either win or lose for a day or section which is 20% of your equity . Most of the winning are from luck so don't be too excited just let the luck work . likewise, if you lose the given amount , then that's enough for a day or a section. Come back tomorrow see what your luck will be. By the time , nice rain falls , you could double your profits also recovering your yesterday lost so you will have 10% profit of that day. In conclusion , i would like to see feedbacks for this topics and wish a happy gambling time for all players!! Thanks for reading .
  4. dear Noah, try opposite of your strategies will work for you. deposit more .