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  1. Haha
    Solicitor reacted to TickleMoney in Abbas50 giveaways -- what happened   
    I know his reason is not true he just want to try fool people to captive on his trap, he have a lots of guts posting here and ask for a loan after he didnt pay for his giveaway  . Nice try abbas you really have a serious gambling addiction maybe you use your prizes on your giveaway then you lose all wellplayed!
    He will not pay you again trust me that guy @abbas50 has a serious gambling addiction!
  2. Haha
    Solicitor got a reaction from ravenyvolle in Abbas50 giveaways -- what happened   
    you nailed it
  3. Like
    Solicitor reacted to ravenyvolle in Abbas50 giveaways -- what happened   
    It is but natural that some people are still fussing about this because some spent Money and TIME doing his giveaways which is clearly he has NO intentions of paying the winners. 
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    Solicitor got a reaction from jimzonic in 436,842 doge win on faucet x9900 payout (lucky day today) :)   
    hell yea i hit it on faucet. cant explain my feeling today. good cash out

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    Solicitor reacted to WolfBain in Wolfgames whitelist   
    Wolfgames is an in chat multigame platform with games such as rool hunt,high or low,trivia and quest,maths and various other games that allow users to jave a chance at reciveing prizes.WolfGames is a self and group funded  game sponsered by myself and other member of the community if you feel the need to donate towards its fund you can send donation to the acct named:WolfGames. 
    Below you will find the white listing for this game that shows who is able to play 
    All support and mod staff
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    Solicitor reacted to hui in 2 Million Users Giveaway!   
    We see a tremendous amount of abuse in this (and other) giveaways that makes me really sad.
    Be aware that we will block any users we find abusing giveaways and contest not only for the current one but also all future giveaways and contests. We are also considering further steps, too.
    People abusing Primedice's generousity this way make a huge part of the reasons of why we can't have some nice things - so please understand that we have a 0-tolerance policy there.
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    Solicitor got a reaction from ravenyvolle in Real Life Pictures!   
    beautiful raven
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    Solicitor got a reaction from keian in What did u buy when you win btc   
    money well spent, grats on that  
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    Solicitor got a reaction from maliafka in i am maliafka   
    welcome to pd forum Iuliiana, happy gambling! see yah around
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    Solicitor reacted to rack001 in URGENT ADMINS PLEASE TAKE notice!   
    I have found a fake primedice site on the internet - primedices.com. I am attaching some screenshot! As soon as you go to the site it it asks for login(same as primedice). As soon as you login it redirects to real site and also it shows the site on ads! So they cleverly made the site to make to appear on top! 
    @Edward @MICRO @Dan please take notice and put a complain on google plus please make the users aware! 
    I think the passwords they obtain are stored in a plain text file and i can get it! If i get it i will send that list to the admins! Then admins can tell those specific users to change the password! Please take this seriously or some users might loose money! 
    Thank You!
    edit ; I have the link of the script by which they save the login info ! I am not posting it here ! I will PM to admin When they are here !
    edit ; i found the domain registrants info from who is ! also he has used all the code directly from the real primedice site !He copied the whole initial page code !
    Registrant Contact(please confirm it again ! I used free services to find this so this can be wrong ! Link i used - https://whois.icann.org/en/lookup?name=primedices.com )
    Name: Marcus Vinicius Abreu de Souza Organization: Mailing Address: Av Artur Monteiro Paiva, 1297 - Bessa, Joao Pessoa PB 58035-010 BR Phone: +55.8387203132 Ext: Fax: Fax Ext: Email:betoborgertsc@gmail.com

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    Solicitor reacted to 3mily in Giveaway #3 Jackpot simulation 0.005 in prizes! Closes on 1/07/17   
    so you just post anything anywhere for that 10 bits , i get it !
    i clearly quoted Magic saying in the original post to be easier for you but i get it now, you are just spaming
    " 3 hours ago, JstLikeMagyk said: And the minimum bet amount is ten satoshi "
    feel free to reply to this also
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    Solicitor got a reaction from labilaabs in Beware of this scammer   
    never click anonymous links, free 0.03 is to good to be true, never fell for this trap
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    Solicitor got a reaction from RabMalfoy in Best way to save BTC   
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    Solicitor reacted to Zoltan in 5th Talkative Giveaway 0.15 BTC Pool   
    there is: https://giveaways.primedice.com/2017-09th/index.html
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    Solicitor got a reaction from Ladylovelynn in 9900x hit (roll zero)   
    after claiming faucet for 2 weeks finally i hit it

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    Solicitor got a reaction from Aembh in 9900x hit (roll zero)   
    after claiming faucet for 2 weeks finally i hit it