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  1. Biggest faucet withdrawal in a dice site. Congrats on 10 btc faucet withdrawal! Use my link and enjoy 20% rakeback from houseedge
  2. DuckDice will suspend all BCH deposit and withdraw during the Hard Fork starting from November 14 and until at least 16. Still offers 20% rakeback for new users. Just dm me if you have any questions. Thanks and goodluck Cheers!
  3. Update: you can now use faucet while having your deposited balance in your account. You can switch balance vice versa. I still offers 20% rakeback from 1% houseedge. Ex. 1 btc wagers will have 0.002 btc rakeback from me if you sign up under my ref link. Thanks and goodluck!
  4. Updates! Introducing chat and visual improvements as well as new Award! Check it out! Ofc we still have the rakeback for new users remember to sign up on my link
  5. New and upgraded lottery prize. Buy lottery ticket for just 0.00001000 btc and have a chance to win 100k dollars every week. Come join us today. And Also you can avail 20% rakeback ref commissions by using my referral code back on the first page. 20% rakeback as follow: 1 btc wagered = 0.002 btc cashback 10 btc wagered = 0.02 btc cashback 100 btc wagered = 0.2 btc cashback 1000 btc wagered = 2 btc cashback GOODLUCK!
  6. Deposit bonus is back today. And we also offers 80% for each ticket on lottery, from 10k down to 2k eac. Jackpot prize for lottery is 0.27 btc. Good luck and i still have my 20% rakeback if you use my ref link. Feel free to messgae me. Goodluck!
  7. Lottery jackpot is 0.319 btc. Try your luck and purchase tickets / 0.0001 btc each. We also have daily wagering competition. Goodluck ducks!
  8. You can check their webaite dogec.io bounty ended. Do your own research. Doges is now a masternode. You can earn while staking/masternodes From 1k sats to 2k sats today. Dogecash making noise in terms of masternodes. Get on the boat while its still cheap. By staking/masternodes i earn 180 coins a day which i can sell to 0.00360 btc a day. 14 dollars a day not bad income
  9. You can check their webaite dogec.io bounty ended. Do your own research. Doges is now a masternode. You can earn while staking/masternodes
  10. Duckdice now accepts crypto to us dollar withdrawals system. You can use visa/debit card, qiwi, yandex and through phone. We always have good updates. You can now play new game called "sniper". Visit our website to check it out. Use my referral code to avail 20% rakeback
  11. Its been over a year havent log in primedice. Tried reseting my password through forgot password but doesnt send me a password reset in my email. Is there any other way that i can reset my password? Thanks Username: solicitor
  12. Thanks chief. The developers are transparent with strong background. You can do staking and masternodes to earn coins. Strong community who loves doges. Check out their website
  13. Edited my post. If it still violates the rule. You can delete it again and we move on lol