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  1. Its been over a year havent log in primedice. Tried reseting my password through forgot password but doesnt send me a password reset in my email. Is there any other way that i can reset my password? Thanks Username: solicitor
  2. username: Solicitor thanks ed as always
  3. thats how rich people roll its like burning a fine house then building it again in an instant
  4. luck is on his side, its good to see that he won it back congrats!
  5. username: Solicitor welcome back to me
  6. anyway i already move on lol best of luck to him
  7. sw abbas betting big, i guess he moved on already lol, too bad for people who participated and lost their time/efforts/money
  8. there is one guy said "i would die for 1k satoshi" lmao
  9. hello there xeon kabayan welcome to pd forum
  10. hello Dustin, good luck on your journey here at pd
  11. devs looks like a newbies to me. didnt want the interface. end up closing after i claimed my first faucet lol