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  1. We also have lottery. Someone won 0.16 btc from 10k sat lottery win
  2. Update: you can now play and use faucet with zcash. 20% rakeback still applies for new users who will sign up on my ref links. Goodluck and have fun
  3. Update: added Bitcoin Gold, ethereum classic and Stellar. You can now play and use faucet on them. I still have 20% Rakeback promo and it applies on all currencies
  4. Update: we added ripple. You can. Now play with ripple., claim faucet on it. See yah
  5. Your welcome. If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask me =p
  6. Still running 20% rakeback Rakeback commission starts with: 1 btc wager = 0.002 btc rakeback 10 btc wagered = 0.02 btc rakeback 100 btc wagered = 0.2 btc rakeback 1000 btc = 2 btc rakeback Register here on this link https://duckdice.com/d7a3b825ae to enjoy 20% rakeback
  7. i still have this 20% rakeback. new players are welcome. goodluck!
  8. 19.04.2018 Update Log And a new large update has been made today and as always we post a full update log to all our dear users. Sign up / Login using social networks accounts For those who do not like to make new registration on various sites and prefer one-click signup via Social Network account, we've implemented a Social Login feature. So far we support Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and VK logins/sign-ups. Your Security and Privacy is our top priority and therefore we will not add a Facebook to Social Login options until their Privacy Dispute will come to a reasonable resolution. Deposits/withdrawals sharing to chat Now you can click on "Share to chat" button on your deposit/withdrawal notification and a nicely designed message will appear in the Chatbox. No need for a copy-paste anymore, neat. New User Menu section, "My Finances" Generate addresses, see your transactions, exchange currency or put it into a bank in one place: Online presence displaying Used to all those online/offline marks from all your messengers? Now we have it as well, online users will have a small green circle on their userpic and of course, all our asocial friends can disable this feature in their Privacy Settings. MUTED and BANNED statuses For those who were naughty we have a Muted status and for those who are tired from winning too much money, we have a Self-ban feature. Now you can see if a user was naughty or tired on their user profile screens. Segwit implementation for BTC So now DuckDice supports all BTC addresses for deposits and withdrawals – regular, segwit (p2sh) and bech32. If you do not know what all this means just disregard this gibberish and sleep calm knowing that no matter which address you have you can safely withdraw your funds. Unconfirmed friends section aka "broken hearts tab" Now you can see all your pending friendship requests in a separate tab in the Chatbot. Visual improvements, PM improvements, optimizations, bug fixes. Come try your luck with 20% rakeback register here! https://duckdice.com/97a8d323a4 non ref link: https://duckdice.io
  9. yes. im still doing 20% rakeback. just sign up and then message me so we can monitor your earnings. enjoy playing
  10. come try your luck with 20% rakeback register here! https://duckdice.com/97a8d323a4
  11. im still handling 20% rakeback for duckdice. come join us https://duckdice.com/52ad2329a9 use this code to be eligible for 20% rakeback
  12. we are running a fun event this week. hitting the roll number 2018 will get you credited with 10k sats automatically. enjoy ducks!
  13. yesterday a highroller won 1000 LTC and got paid. Duckdice always pay in time and we have a good bankroll for high rollers