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  1. @Bojana Happy Valentine's Dayish :):x:x

    I forswear in waiteth und'r the lion's gate

    h'r beating heart is a distant bruit

    an inf'rno of loveth is hath felt from afar

    h'r salivating chaps cometh clos'r to englut mine own 'rotic mind

    the lighteth of h'r deep loveth is within mine own clenches as i biteth mine own lip with sweet anticipation

    delicate clouds art floating by myst'riously

    the heavens holdeth me in their paralyzing gripeth

    mine own chest pounds as i eag'rly await h'r corse int'rtwining with mineth

    the lady doth take me prison'r as i succumb to beest h'r prey

    i am taken to a lodging deep and transf'rming

    mine own corse hast been did seize as a prison'r und'r the lion’s gate of pleasure

    yond enshielf lodging between philia and eros

    ludus 'r mania

    i shalt await thy returneth and seduce thee und'r the lion’s gate




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  2. On 2/6/2018 at 21:55, Bojana said:



    There is only one PD legend that is more famous than the love of these two - the legend about 6 and 7 and the beef they had in the past. Love story of 6 and 9 has been neglected due to this meaningless war going on, and same as Romeo and Juliet, they never got the spotlight and managed to live happily ever after.

    Six loved nine’s huge intellect and nine loved six’s perfect booty… They were accused of performing the unspeakable acts, environment badmouthed them and was green with envy; six was left alone many times due to this injustice, but 9 never stopped loving it, even at times they were apart.

    After the final battle between seven and six, seven’s unspeakable viciousness and stealing former lover, six was desperate and went to look for shelter with the only person trusted enough… you guessed right, it was old, good and smarty-pants nine. 6 and 9 were meant for each other even though everything was working against them, somehow they fitted perfectly, like yin and yang, like day and night, like milk and honey…

    They decided to seal the deal, but not in the old-fashioned way, their love was epic and out of this world to be solely crowned with marriage… no, they wanted to be remembered well…

    Lovers drove to the highest cliff at the brink of the city, the Crown Mountain, and brought a pair of dice with them. They were tired of fighting and justifying their love to the others… “If the dice lands on the snake eyes, we jump! If it lands on anything else, anything at all, we live to see another day. Will you die for me, six?” asked nine, “Always and forever”, responded six without hesitation.

    The dice were thrown and the destiny was cruel… Cruel or just, it made this love story more epic than any other. From the ground of the cliff of the Crown Mountain, snake eyes were staring from the grass right into them… Six and nine shared their last kiss and jumped into the oblivion. Their bodies were never found… Some say they never made it to the ground, but got wings mid-way and flew to a better place. Some say, the tide of the sea under the cliff still can’t wash out the shame and blood down below.

    On the top of the Crown Mountain the monument of this love still remains. Primedice was founded as a reminder of this legend and as a worship of tragic love. Dice got their Crown and the lore still remains, stronger than ever. It will be told to generations to come… love of 6 and 9 will never be even and equal to any other…


    Legend written by @Bojana and illustrations and song composed by @stimubate ♥


    @Bojana I finally got to read this, :) that is so creative of you <3 , I would love to read more of your writings and create animation for it. I want to animate a story for that poem Desiderata. 

       There once was 0 all alone that felt like nothing that met the loneliest number 1. 0 was shy because 0 felt insecure and worthless but 1 fell in love at "first" sight.  Did you know that  1 and 0 were the first couple in the Numiverse and gave birth to many fractions that came together one day as a whole. So many followed in their footsteps and soon there were couples like 11, 12, and even including the tragic and unlucky story of 13. Eventually over time there was conflict in the Numiverse between the odd and the even numbers. And that is where our story begins with the legend of Why Is Six In Love with Nine. Even though 6 was from the Family of Evens that were known for getting revenge and 9 was from the Family of Odds that believed in a weird Alphabet Religion that Letters existed as well, They believed that we were all once Alphanumeric. The Odd numbers resented Even numbers because Odd numbers can NOT be divided evenly into groups of two. The number five can be divided into two groups of two and one group of one. Even numbers always end with a digit and always felt fulfilled. During the great Numiverse War 1 was alone against the enemy and 0 even though felt like nothing became everything after sacrificing it's life for it's one and only love. And for this sacrifice, 0 became a God that brought peace to the Numiverse. As a result, zero shares all the properties that characterize even numbers: 0 is divisible by 2, 0 is neighbored on both sides by odd numbers, 0 is the sum of an integer (0) with itself, and a set of 0 objects can be split into two equal sets. 0 was a savior that brought the Great Even's Family and the Divine Odd Family together again which became the symbol for (G)reat Even Family (0) (D)ivine Odd Family, or simply as G0D. <3       ----Stimubate, inspired by Bojana. 


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  3. Yes it's so much better that it can ruin it for you when you get sober. Having sex on meth is the best thing ever because you can control when you cum, last for like 12 HOURS!!, and make you as hard as Superman, and the climax is amazing, a big O Explosion everywhere!!!! lol. But the benefits of it is STILL not worth the consequences of it. It is not worth it. better to stay ignorant to what you are missing out on if you haven't tried it. After continued use you will have lots of problems even sexually, you won't even be able to get it hard anymore.  so fuck that haha