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    CaptainLorca reacted to Kurian in To condom or not?   
    I'm still a virgin .. i can't reply on this now.. i'll update this post soon  
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    CaptainLorca reacted to Rene in Bisexual rights   
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    CaptainLorca reacted to Soldier1943 in Bisexual rights   
    NO they dont deserve rights only normal people deserve rights 
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    CaptainLorca reacted to MegaBetzZz in HIghest amount wagered by a player.....   
    I saw a player named Progame won 0.05 Btc multiplied by 990x got a profit of 49.5 btc I think it's an outstanding player and knows its place
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    CaptainLorca reacted to Kristoffff in What make a Casino great?   
    An online casino is good to me atleast, if there's an active community and a must is definitely a chatroom. I like to have some sort of interaction with other players around the globe. Also some low house edge never hurt any player. 
    About real life casino's , I wouldn't know, I've never been in one in my life. Tho, keep the beggars out
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    CaptainLorca reacted to Bitcoinani in What make a Casino great?   
    Casino is great because if we r lucky than we can make huge money very fast 
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    CaptainLorca reacted to Ssociety in Safest Strat   
    Thanks for all your help guys I hope I can recover  
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    CaptainLorca reacted to Mistletoe in The Ignorance about Bitcoin   
    I taught my mates about bitcoins by showing them my coins wallet. Easy. Lol
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    CaptainLorca reacted to ktfor57 in Faucet to 150K   
    For many days on faucet ( 100 satoshi ). Finally some strategies worked keeping small targets to be achieved. Hope these help to profit from faucet. Good luck  
    100 satoshi to 1K - achieved using 1.1x manual with switching sides
    1K to 10K - achieved using 2.5x manual with switching sides
    10K to 15K - achieved using 3.3x manual doubling on loss with switching sides
    15K to 150K - achieved using  99x, 110x, using 50 and 100 as base bet 
                          - achieved using 6.6x autobet 25-50 as base bet 10% on loss
    Some of my bets       BET:20,780,824,381    -    110x
                                         BET:20,780,968,015    -    110x
                                         BET:20,842,399,013    -    6.6x
                                         BET:20,842,422,411    -     6.6x
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    CaptainLorca reacted to UltraChief in Hello my name is Sid   
    Like I had said once, the best way to make 100btc is by depositing 101btc and losing 1btc. Then you have exactly 100btc which you have earned. That takes only a moment and not a year.
    What do you think?
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    CaptainLorca reacted to sid421sp in what would be your dream job or profession   
    EA SPORTS in the Game
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    CaptainLorca reacted to Mistletoe in what would be your dream job or profession   
    Well isnt it your dreeam profession. Developing apps :D.
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    CaptainLorca reacted to Mistletoe in what would be your dream job or profession   
    But but but Youre kind and you're awesssoooooommmmeee! And you dont drink(if that counts)D:
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    CaptainLorca reacted to FarSeeR in Do you guys check Bitcoin price everyday?   
    Who doesnt? I guess everyone into this crypto thing would check prices few times a day
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    CaptainLorca reacted to Mistletoe in what would be your dream job or profession   
    Oh captain make a PD app please!!
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    CaptainLorca reacted to eldrindcm in The best gambling website   
    Well, nothing's gonna beat PD 

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    CaptainLorca reacted to biggad in 📢 Forum Rules & Guidelines   
    Forum Rules & Guidelines
    Disclaimer: Rules can be supplemented and changed at any time.
    Spam is prohibited - meaningless posts that do not carry semantic value and are not related to the meaning of the topic in which they are posted, will be deleted.
      Before you create a topic, scroll through the sections and see if such a topic has already been created. If you have something to add, then write in it, duplicate topics will be deleted.
      Insulting other forum members is prohibited (for insulting moderators or administrators you risk to get lifelong ban).
      The title of the topic should reflect its essence as clearly as possible.
    If you ask a question in the topic - put a straight answer in the first post - the beginning of the topic, if you add a separate post, it will be combined with your first post. Topics that do not make sense or are just stupid will be deleted.
      Creating topics with an indistinct title, for example: "Help!", "All here", etc. is forbidden.
      The publication of posts consisting of a single link without description (each user has the right to know in advance what he'll see on your link) is prohibited.
      It is forbidden to spread/leak others' personal information.

      Writing messages in uppercase and lowercase letters intermixed ("wItH tHiS iMaGe").
      The publication of links to fraudulent and hacker sites and resources that distribute viruses and other malicious programs is prohibited.

      To raise your topic by adding posts or creating new topics with the same content is prohibited.
      It is also forbidden to call members in your posts to give you credits, click the thank you button; these posts will be deleted by the moderators; if you repeat the same user from similar posts, the post will be deleted, and if it does not help, then heavier sanctions will follow.
      It is forbidden to register more than one account per user, if we find out you're using multi-accounts, all accounts will be banned.
      If the moderator makes a note to you, then you need to take it into account and correct your mistake. If you do not correct the error and try to enter into polemics, trying to tell the moderator that he exceeds his authority (read the rules of the forum), then the moderator corrects the mistake himself in a convenient way.
      It is forbidden to create posts for pointing out to the newly created topic, it will be seen anyways.
      Mere copy-pasting from articles/magazines etc. is not allowed. This is plagiarism and has serious CONSEQUENCES.       16. Write in the appropriate language section! The posts written with a language mismatch between the partition will be deleted.
         17. Do NOT hide referral links behind clear ones. Do not post images of other site logos as your profile or cover photos.

        18. Use your forum signatures for Primedice banners and links, funny gifs or messages. Any form of advertising, clean or referral links in your forum signature will be removed. No advertising of other sites, gambling platforms, exchange offices or similar. 
    19. Cross-posting on Primedice and Stake forums is not allowed. These sites are separate, but under the same management, so without appropriate quotations and paraphrased content, it will fall under the plagiarism offense.
    Ignorance of the Rules does not relieve participants of the forum from responsibility for their violation. Posts that are meaningless or contain insubstantial information will be deleted i.e. Short messages like "class", "interesting", etc.
    See this topic regarding how to post meaningful content:
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    CaptainLorca reacted to Ssociety in what would be your dream job or profession   
    oh great, so you are a developer?? go for creativity and goodluck, don't forget me when you become a millionare