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  1. I‘d pay out. I‘d use the money to get my a new MacBook finally.. and donate a part of it. Putting the rest to savings.
  2. @FotisNt Easy.. feeling entitled to get more of course. No offense. A forum always have so much to do. We‘re people all across the planet and.. still it seems like we got nothing to talk about. Just the urge for free money
  3. If money is the only form of motivation to communicate with each other, then the battle already is los, before it began
  4. Let it just come to you. If you focus on getting plat and not high rolling from the beginning, it means loss in the most cases. Just play and you will automatically climb up the ranks.
  5. Y‘all talking about it’s hard to speak about one game. Yes, true.. lot of topics have been covered already. But the forum is more than just Primedice related forums or promotions. Most of the community just aren’t interested that much, because they won’t get rewards from posting in general topics. You can see that there is much less effort in those topics.
  6. The Star doesn’t mean you have a lot of money. It just means you have wagered a lot.
  7. I think its just perception. Users that become VIP don't change at all. Might be that some are affected by it - but that would be their personality beforehand, that gives them a push to it. I don't get that feeling you're describing. I treat everyone the same and thats just it :).
  8. We have Trivia for that. But it was deactivated due to abuse through the community.
  9. @bitboy26 @williamsh @firenine @Sokah @bendits1 @Bumshak @iulianbutanu @ThePug @mgod @yololife2 You pushed in some decent memes. I judged them together with @hui and @luizoruivo <- Thanks guys!
  10. Make an actual meme as picture. Otherwise your input can’t be considered, @SLFJ
  11. Please do not spam the topic unnecessarily.
  12. Requirements: Bring me your best meme regarding primedice.com, users, staff and stories! Please be respectful towards others here. Only one entry per person. If you got a better one, edit your post. A team of three will judge the best memes and winners will be announced and paid on Sunday 15.12.2019. 10+ forum post count. Haven't broken any General Giveaways Rules! Prizes: 1st place: 0.0004 BTC 2nd place: 0.0003 BTC 3rd place: 0.0002 BTC 4. - 10 place: 0.0001 BTC
  13. lampjaevel williamsh yololife2 CntryBoy Himiko Jackison Kittkatt Sneja613 giorgim66 Saaho2019 nuuuitsjdragon elyxdelrey bitboy26 energi1 LES110 ZULFIKARNUR janipasha333 dogejr Flanscaaa AcidBurnlaa BlizzKhan pedrojmelo DeeBK Mhoncho Bigmann23 bondardima hardbringer87 Leot211 kaleemmalik majes201 ThePug Sokah You guys won! Will be paid out in a few
  14. Ofc it’s 0.00005 per win. Thanks to @Faris alerting me!