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  1. CaptainLorca

    Discord Casino

    And what it’s about? Bitcoin? Whats withdraw limit is there a proof of withdraw?
  2. CaptainLorca


    Since the rain-bot it seems to get worse. Also YOE is often here and attracts the alts and passives :D. But we have a lot of people trying to make a raindance on chat. But if you're not betting, you probably get nothing than air ;D
  3. CaptainLorca

    Lorcas Horror Game Streaming

    SUPER LAZY SUNDAY! But not at all. I am back with Resident Evil at 7 PM (UTC+2)! https://twitch.tv/Karretto
  4. Japan is growing big with crypto. Overseas markets in their target: a Japanese government-approved crypto exchange wants to reach out to other possible international markets. By now its already operating in five other nations. BitPoint Japan, fully licensed by the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) and on the Tokyos Stock Exchange, is already operating in Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan and China. On BitPoints exchange list appear BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, and XRP. Which is already known: Bitpoint wants to join Singapore, Thailand and other Asian markets in the near future. Bitpoint Source: https://news.bitcoin.com/japanese-crypto-exchange-global-expansion-countries/
  5. This could be the first bank to drop their own cryptocurrency on the whole planet! Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc, announced to test a cryptocurrency by 2019. For this test the bank will roll out initially coins to a handful of customers with the hope in finding participation within them. This group would be the testinggroup for finding bugs while using the currency in retail. Their coin, MUFG Coin, will be rolled out to 100,000 customers. To get proper results for this coin these customers have to use these token in retail outlets from clothing to food. To do so these customers have to download an app, which turns fiat deposits into MUFG Coin. The value of this coin would go along with the value of Japans Yen. Souce: https://news.bitcoin.com/japan-banking-giant-mitsubishi-goes-crypto-with-own-coin/
  6. Exactly how you said it. Banks start to see that this is the future. Digital money. Well at least they want to get rid of hardcash. doesnt mean that this is the end of every other coin.. but I think that it will get more complicated for the usual customer if it’s not regulated by the government. Because.. what’s a crypto worth if different banks in one nation launch their own?
  7. CaptainLorca

    LTC what's next?

    Ethereum that’s a fact. Dan said it on chat and if you look up stunnas profile you‘ll see he played with it
  8. CaptainLorca

    What is the best multiplier?

    I think it depends on which strategy you use. For instance: I don't like the big multipliers.. maybe I'm too lazy to preroll or just unlucky (dumb xD) with it. Some use martingale with 1.25x.. some with 1.5. But I feel the most comfy with 2.3x, but I know that the redstreak is always lurking around corners.
  9. CaptainLorca

    What do you normally say when you bust?

    I just say „fuck“
  10. CaptainLorca

    Logout from mobile

    Tintin, @znnet provided the answer :). Click on setting on they grey bar where „password“ is written.
  11. CaptainLorca

    Happy birthday from PD!

    Very generous of you. Saw that before and got lucky for one time :D. Thank you for doing this selfless act. *thumbs up*
  12. CaptainLorca

    Logout from mobile

    Thankies! hm.. I personally think it would be nice if that would be more obvious... I didn't know myself that all the stuff was hidden in that button xD.. I thought its a titlebar.
  13. CaptainLorca

    Logout from mobile

    Heeeey, a user asked on chat where the logout on mobile would be.. so I took a look at the mobile version of PD and wasn't able to find a button for this purpose.. actually there seems to be no logout button there or is it hidden somewhere? Clearing the cache would work but is a inconvenient solution to this.
  14. You heard it right. Switzerland is thinking about getting their own federal cryptocurrency and is surprisingly open to it. When we talk about a "Switzerland-crypto", we talk about the "e-franc". The Federal Council of Switzerland considers a state backed crypto as a possibility and also started a formal study of such a cryptocurrency. They see a major challenge behind it. What would be the risks and opportunity of having their own currency. This all comes as a little surprise package since the central bank of Switzerland spoke against a state backed crypto. In that statement they said that its not necessary for the people, for paying cashless in retail. With that comes the risk of instability of any crypto and that it would scarcely bring any benefit to the people. This would be mainly a financial incalculable risk to take. In the article is stated that Switzerland is not the only nation talking rather openly about this topic. Economic sanctions would be less effective with a state backed crypto. Not that Switzerland has to fear any. Still its just a study and needs to be approved. After this the study needs to be checked by the Swiss Finance Ministry and there would be no given date when or if that happens. Source: https://news.bitcoin.com/switzerland-formally-considers-state-backed-cryptocurrency/