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  1. CaptainLorca

    You received a lot of BTC

    Question of the questions. Imagine you wake up in the morning, take a look at your notifications.. and.. there is a notification of a received bitcoin-transmission. When you check it, you'll find out that you got a high sum of Bitcoin on your wallet, from a stranger. What would you do now? Would you investigate who it might be or just run? Or would you send it back right away? I would try to find out if it was a mistake or something. If I can't find any information about it.. finders keepers. This is a classical scenario, I know, but since everyone here is focused on BTC and crypto..
  2. CaptainLorca

    Most expensive kebab

    Coming from a country where the Döner(or so called kebab) was invented, I say this way is the best: On it Tzaziki.
  3. Reset options are implemented for a while. And under the orange gear you‘ll find this:
  4. CaptainLorca

    Cryptocurrency cards

    Bitpay offers a good credit card. You can reload it with crypto any time. You just need a wallet from bitpay. Dunno if it’s supported in your country. and why a credit card digitally only? Doesn’t matter if it’s physical, you still can use it legit on services in the internet with no effort.
  5. CaptainLorca

    Bitcoin Breaks $7,500

    It’s predicted to make its jump to $20,000 around this time. I have my doubts that this will happen, but the trend of the last years shows a peak in the summer.
  6. CaptainLorca

    British Police Force Confiscates 295 Bitcoins from Criminal

    Didn’t take much effort to find it on Wikipedia. its making money from illegal activities legit, so that law enforcement agencies don’t come after you: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Money_laundering
  7. CaptainLorca

    Costa Rica workers can get crypto for their salary

    Hm.. I think.. if its not forbidden its not a problem at all or needs to be legalized in first place. You just have to do the taxstuff later. Thats the only thing that might be special about it. But if I can only have cryptos as payment, I wouldn't take that job. Tbh, crypto isn't far enough implemented to take it as full salary. Would love to know the reaction of my landlord if I tell him if he would take the rent in crypto. Its to complicated with all this involved. I need to turn it into fiat, so I can pay my stuff and I need to tax it differently than cash (lot of extra work and if you dunno how, you'll need someone to do it for you -> money loss).
  8. CaptainLorca

    What fun in gambling?

    You don't need to call a moderator for this. If the topic is worthy to be closed or whatever, the mods will do it. I saw you doing this on Stake. If you think a topic violates the rules or is just in the wrong place or whatever, please use the given report function.
  9. CaptainLorca

    Making a living from gambling

    If you cannot afford to pay bills AND gambling, you shouldn’t be gambling.
  10. CaptainLorca

    Your first btc wallet

    No.. its a legit wallet. Had no other troubles and later they improved a lot. Would recommend it for phones.. but I'll go with the bigger ones like BitPay.
  11. https://news.bitcoin.com/altcoins-are-dying/ Just read this... lets say.. I took a quick flyover. The article basically says that Altcoins are dying. Just like that. Just because BTC made a good way up the past days and altcoins.. well altcoins dipping their balls to the ground. Image from news.bitcoin.com/altcoins-are-dying/ My opinion is that its a rather dramatic call on Altcoins. Grabbing attention (which worked with me here obviously :D), making the market more interesting. I don't know how the market is working atm, but it might be some people just exchanged their Alts to BTC or whatever. What are your thoughts on this or do you have a viable clue about this?
  12. CaptainLorca

    Your first btc wallet

    Wow.. haven't seen a topic like this in a while. My first was the Bread-Wallet for iPhone. I just googled whats a good wallet for iPhone :D. I left there pretty fast when I tried to make my first transaction and couldn't set the fees or exactly see how muhc the fee would be, set by the Wallet. Think it was blockchain.com wallet after that.
  13. Boom. This is something new. In a case on a British county were found evidences on Bitcoin being seized exchanged in a criminal act. The British police obtained 295 Bitcoins from an arrested Latvian man, named Seregjs Teresko, convicted for money laundering and sentenced to nine years in prison, according to the Financial Times (Source: https://www.ft.com/content/0a7782e8-8b6b-11e8-bf9e-8771d5404543) The force sold Bitcoins for $1.5 million, following the hearting of a court at the time, with Bitcoin being worth $5,000 back then. The court also obligated that the Surrey police force keep 18.8 %, of the money confiscated by the Surrey police force, which adds up to a sum of £273,000, on last Thursday. Efforts to make investigations with cryptos easier To make such investigations easier in the future, British law enforcement agencies are working together to find easier and better way to solve such cases. In the past year another law enforcement groups already proposed a change to U.K.s laws to make the seize easier in criminal cases. The N8 Policing Research Partnership stated at the time that they want to increase their knowledge about cryptos within the British police.
  14. CaptainLorca

    See the future - Giveaway

    Guys. Don't forget AM OR PM
  15. AAAAAW FEEL DA POWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, AAAAAH!!! You dare to see da future? Then predict when I'll be coming online next Friday........! What can we win? 0.00020000 BTC. IF YOU hit the EXACT time, you'll get 50k Sats instead of 20k Sats. <- Means if I'm there on 08:03 AM, you have to guess exactly 08:03 AM. Rules Predict a time (hh : mm AM/PM) Times can be changed until Friday (UTC+2) Posts on Friday or changes on Friday make you lose The time coming the closest to my first appearance that day, wins the pot! Entries without AM or PM will be ignored. Viel glück!