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  1. Phuquy

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    Im old member . But lấy year i lost my mail because hacker. Long time im back again. Hic
  2. Phuquy

    Say hi

    Im a girl. I like dice game. Dream about win 30 BTC. Thanks because read this topiv
  3. Phuquy


    First you bet 5 auto don't increase. When met three time under or over usually 40 bet. Can increase 10%. Stop when amount 36. Begin 5 gain. If win 5 time. Stop. 1 day 1 time to play. Change 4.1 or 6.12 or 2.56. lucky to you
  4. You can auto play. Increase 50%. Start 1 and stop when win or amuont 14. Begin again 1. When have 1500 in balance change 2.56 and play up ...... 2hour rest 30 minutes. Some time change under/over. Good luck!!!!
  5. @Dan thanks because best news
  6. Play to win. Experience in here so best