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  1. Yeah. Lost 0.5 BTC last night, luckily recovered it again today! It was 0.033 and think a lot of luck, just like the last 0.6 bet. Hmm, sounds interesting. But eventually I will bust I gues... Lots of luck? 2x multiplier and some risky bets. Took enough risk, a lot of all in (Rage) bets
  2. I have a good streak now. 4 weeks each weak 100 euro in the casino and 1 BTC here. When does the luck stop?? Mostly prerolling on 2x with low bets. And some crazy high bets (martinfail, be aware, risky) Guess luck. Faucet x2 for a few times, sometimes change side on my guess
  3. Yeah. Almost started crying before the last bet. No. Just save it. Don't want to lose anything now. Starting over again, hope for fast luck on x2 from faucet
  4. Sing, I didnt deposit a whole euro. All those deposits came from winst from faucet earlier Those 0.033 were from faucet earlier this month. What I tried to say: I made 1 BTC withouth investing any of my own euro's
  5. I played 2 days on 2x. First day from 0.033 to 0.3 and second day from 0.3 to 1.3
  6. Guess its just luck. I also lost a lot before. I have to admit I went all in a lot of times, luckily didn't lose one of them. Especially the last one (0.6 bet on 2x) Keep the whole BTC. Not sure about those 0.3 My faucet is 538 satoshi after 33 BTC wagered The first numbers, but the 0.033 came from faucet
  7. Today I finally made 1 BTC on Primedice. Earlier this month: faucet -> 0.33 Yesterday: 0.33 -> 0.66 0.66-> 0.3 0.3 -> 0.6 Today: 0.6 -> 1.3 I think it is time to stop and save it! Thank you all for support in chat!
  8. Nice giveaway! I only am pretty new over here
  9. Hey fellow PDicers. Is it an option to move the ignore button from bottom to top, when you click on a username? I often ignore someone because someone else sends something in the chat and the popup going up. I think this is pretty annoying, how about you? When it's on the top (above Message) we cannot click it by accident. GeertBank P.S. I also noticed the /unignore is cap-sensitive when you added someone to your list. Maybe we should fix this too?