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  1. I feel your late to the party, most people who are going to dice have, but that doesnt stop ya from pitching to your friends, etc for refs
  2. I'm always game to help you Edward at any time you need it, all you got to do is ask
  3. YES, how really do you pull that off???
  4. Pokerjet

    Favorite Drinks?

    Dr. Pepper most definitely... Every once in a while, Id go with a Cherry Coke or a Wild Cherry Pepsi and a Root Beer in a long shot.
  5. Yah stay away from Hollywood to get your BTC reference... TV series do give you a better chance to see Bitcoin in use, like last years' futuristic cop series that was on FOX.
  6. Anime works nicely well, regardless if a key series... like Angel Beats, or a harem anime, a sports anime or many others, if you don't you should give it a try!
  7. Current episodes... Scorpion and Mr Robot
  8. Pokerjet


    Unfortunately 'murica only but would love to visit others
  9. Pokerjet


    Poloniex rarely and Bleutrade mostly
  10. Women... hate to say it but it is